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Is it Money or What?

Check Below for recent Updates   Original Post from July 31, 2012 It’s got to be something that keeps the Bellingham Herald referring to the City of Bellingham Initiative No. 2012-2 concerning the people’s right of self-government as “coal train initiative” or the “No Coal! initiative” as they just did in their article BNSF joins

Ready for the Ban?

Great mock ad which made me realize that we only have about 3 weeks left until the Bellingham bag ban goes into effect.  The clip is foreign, so don’t expect any tasteful euphemisms, in fact it is certainly a bit on the dysphemistic side. I’m not real sure how the whole bag ban thing is

Rendezvous with Stupidity

One of the reasons why I thought it was time to abandon the whole idea of a coal port was because regardless of right or wrong the battle would come at a large financial cost to Whatcom County and Bellingham.   Two recent Herald articles point out one aspect of the lunacy that comes at

Bellingham council seeks court challenge on no-coal-train initiative

Attention Bellingham residents! Bellingham council seeks court challenge on no-coal-train initiative BELLINGHAM – After Coal-Free Bellingham initiative backers turned in about 10,000 signatures for a ballot proposal that would outlaw coal trains in the city, the City Council voted to challenge the validity of the measure in court. via Bellingham council seeks court challenge on