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December 19, 2007

Coffee and baseball

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cafe_breve.jpgFor myself, these two are not kissing cousins. In fact they bear no relation what so ever. My wife would say I am obsessed with coffee and I’m okay with being categorized as obsessed rather than addicted or something with a real negative feel to it. I don’t know enough to be an aficionado, but I can try. And try I do! But baseball? My baseball knowledge peaked in Jr. High PE class and has waned since. That cool chart on the right is of a two-seamed fastball…or so it’s labeled. And I haven’t the faintest idea if it is or is not. And don’t really give a hoot.
two_seam_fastball.jpgA while back I ran across a site, Lokesh Dhakar, with some neat graphics that explain a few common coffee drinks (and pitches). Nothing too fufu. Just coffee and cow milk combinations. I commented on the absence of the luscious coffee breve, which has since been added to the chart. I don’t know how many people realize that Starbucks switched their lattes from whole milk to 2% milk? Well the breve is sort of the opposite direction. It’s a latte where the milk is dropped in favor of half & half. It’s the special latte for outside the Christmas season, where of course, the eggnog latte is the ruler.

I consistently get people popping by from the site that mixes coffee, baseball, graphics, etc. for an interesting mix of topics. Lokesh Dhakar

November 21, 2007

Preseason is upon us

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el.JPGThanksgiving Day is still a few days away, but I’ve already kicked off this year’s holiday season with with my traditional Black Friday Eggnog latte. Sure I jumped the gun a bit, but I’m only human. Come on, it’s eggnog and espresso; what are you going to do? And it’s not entirely my fault that I couldn’t wait until Friday. Partial blame goes to my wife for decorating too early so she could figure out which decorations she could share and which to keep. Even more blame goes to Starbucks themselves for switching their default milk from whole to 2% this year. The number of times I have forgotten to ask for whole milk has left me with an overall annual dissatisfaction.  Of course, leaving me with no alternative but to order an “el” an eggnog latte before Black Friday.  And since I’ve determined through the stretching of facts, that this situation is in no way my fault, I just might have another one today.

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