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October 5, 2012

Mitt Romney rejects the “Balanced Approach”

Remember that section of the presidential debate where President Obama talked about a balanced approach to taxes and spending? And remember how he tried to chastise Mitt Romney for refusing President Obama’s balanced approach?

BelieveinAmericaIn Mitt Romney’s book he explains why he soundly rejected President Obama’s so called balanced approach.

“Our untenable spending habits were at the root of this past summer’s crisis over the debt ceiling. President Obama’s insistence on a “balanced approach”—by which he meant a combination of spending cuts and tax increases—would have put a seal of congressional approval on a baseline level of spending significantly higher than when he took office. That is precisely why the President’s approach had to be soundly rejected. He wanted to move the country in the wrong direction of more taxes and more spending at a time when both are smothering the economy.”
Believe in America: Mitt Romney’s Plan for Jobs and Economic Growth, Kindle Edition.”

Overspending is a national problem and I’m so looking forward to having Mitt Romney in the White House so we can put his mind and talents to work solving, rather than perpetuating this problem.

October 17, 2010

Help us Mr. Wizard!

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tooterturtle Anyone remember that really old cartoon with the turtle that gets into trouble and then yells Help me Mr. Wizard! Then Mr. Wizard would chant: “Drizzle, drazzle, druzzle, drome; time for zis one to come home” and the turtle would magically return and all would be well.

Help us Mr. Wizard!

It’s time for Patty Murray to come home, not to save her, but to save our nation from her.  I watched the recent Rossi/Murray debate and was stunned by her lack of responsibility for any of the troubles in our nation.  In her closing remarks she had the audacity to say,

I want to make sure that we pay for what we responsibly do.  As leaders that is the decisions we make.”

She has been in the US Senate for almost 2 decades of our nation’s worst out of control spending.  If she really believed in paying for what our leadership has done, then she would have done it by now or left in shame for her inability to get the job done.  Either way it’s time for her to come home.

I want to make sure that we pay for what we responsibly do and  as voters it is time to say no to longtime senator Patty Murray and yes to Dino Rossi.  Let’s give Dino Rossi a chance to right things.

Also, if you didn’t catch the debate live, here’s some links so that you can watch it on YouTube just like I did.

Rossi/Murray Debate Part 2:

Rossi/Murray Debate Part 3:

Rossi/Murray Debate Part 4:

Rossi/Murray Debate Part 5:

October 7, 2008

John McCain: Clear debate winner

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nashville2 Well the townhall/debate between Barack Obama and John McCain certainly was a simple affair this evening.  I’m sure someone counted the questions and no doubt scores will be given.  I’m sure that several days ago both sides started fact checking what the other side might say and the outcome is probably posted already.  However, I listened to the debate and really heard only 2 topics, foreign policy and the economy. 

The economy is a bit messy right now and I do think it is beyond most of us to comprehend an exact course of action.  What I saw was Democrat candidate Barack Obama, who with his wealth redistribution plans, would have us rise from the ashes as a socialist nation complete with some sort of new loyalist civilian corp.  Neither socialism, nor its cousin communism, have a really good track record around the world of serving citizens.  I’m really not sure why anyone would knowingly turn the socialist direction.  I favor John McCain’s direction.  He at least leans toward a solution that would rebuild our economy through less government and more private business. 

The foreign policy topic seemed to really showcase a host of nations and regions that both candidates agreed were dangerous areas that the next president would have to address.  Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Darfur, Pakistan, Georgia, Russia, North Korea… it was really quite an extensive list that begged only one question.  Do we want one of the most inexperienced candidates in history to lead our nation in this dangerous world, or do we want John McCain, an experienced military and civilian leader.

Barack Obama may be able to take John McCain in a thumb war, but this debate, and I pray our nation, goes to John McCain.

September 27, 2008

Debate: Four way tie

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4way I’ve watched or listened to two debates in the last few days and for the most part found them to be like JV football games.  I felt like I had to be there because my kid was playing, but as a game/debate it really wasn’t much hold my interest nor to talk about afterwards.  Sen. Rossi, Sen.Obama, Gov. Gregoire and Sen. McCain all spent way way way, ok one more way too much time with campaign points. 

No matter what the question or rebut, all responses seemed to be something I’ve heard before.  I don’t think I learned a single new fact, not a single apparent factual paradox resolved, and certainly the only candidate who seemed to lose there composure a bit was Gov. Gregiore, but that seems to be the norm for her anyway.  I also saw/heard a continually arrogant Sen. Obama, a too polished Sen. Rossi and a John McCain who was confident, yet still a bit too reserved. 

I can say I felt the debaters landed in a four way tie, but I’m still stumped as to whether it’s a winning tie or a losing tie.  I’ll hope that a little later in this now short season, we will be past all the campaigning and start the debating.

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