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Fall of a great nation

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

There has recently been a lot chatter on the Herald Blog about whether conservatives or liberals are or are not fascists.  And while that pointless bit of name calling went on and on for days, Congressman Maxine Waters, a self avowed liberal Democrat from California, almost let the true liberal cat out of their SPCA approved pet carrier. 

Oops, did she say socialize

With Democrat Senator Obama running strong, our nation could be just one election away from true implementation of socialism.  We’d be over the hump towards communism.  What a glorious day for Democrats, liberals and progressives everywhere. 

Isn’t it about time that media cover the Democratic Party’s role in the rise of socialism in our nation?  After all, won’t future historians need material with which to study the fall of what once was a great nation?

And we eat our young

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Did you read the article Republican’s Vote Against Mom, No Word on Puppies Kittens. It was in the Washington Post and referred to by a local Democrat blogger who used the column as a tool to question the morality, integrity and sanity of Republicans.

  • A majority of the House GOP has voted against motherhood.
  • When Republicans are against Motherhood, can voting against apple pie be far behind?
  • we need to question their collective sanity as well as their morality and integrity.
  • Is Rick Bart Against Motherhood, Too?
  • Republican’s Vote Against Mom, No Word on Puppies Kittens
  • 178 Republicans cast their votes against mothers.

After that little mosaic of quotes, it is a wonder that neither the Washington Post, nor our local Democrat blogger, has accused us of also eating our young. Seriously though, this accusation doesn’t hurt Republicans, it only makes Democratic Party followers look ridiculous for even making this suggestion.

And by the way, the Washington Post also carried a couple of articles, Democrats Link Wishes to War Funding and ‘Blue Dog’ Democrats Join GOP in Opposing War Bill, which explain the real reason that Republicans and also conservative Democrats were employing obstructive tactics against the majority Democrats last week.

Lastly, let me as, a registered Republican, make this perfectly clear on this Mother’s Day; I have nothing but love, respect and appreciation for mothers everywhere regardless of political and/or religious affiliations.

Although……… I’m not really keen on moms who dress their children in exploding vests. Silly looking home knit vests, yes; exploding vests, no.

Rocky Road

Monday, March 31st, 2008

rricWalk through the frozen section at Haggen and you will pass by about a hundred varieties of ice cream. We Americans can take our freedom of choice pretty seriously and people can get pretty passionate when it comes to choosing their ice cream. I haven’t traveled the world extensively, but I think it is safe to say we are unique both in our ability to choose a dessert and in the variety we have to choose from.

My favorite is Rocky Road and if I were going to go on a little private binge, that’d be in my bowl. Isn’t binge eating what made Ben & Jerry successful? Ice cream can also be consumed socially, but I think the last time Rocky Road was served at a party, it was my party. Usually compromises are essential for harmony and some non-offensive flavor like vanilla is chosen. Am I disappointed with vanilla? Do I spend what could be a happy event bemoaning the lack of marshmallows, nuts and chocolate? No way! I’ll eat vanilla and savor every spoonful.

Protecting our nation is tops on my list for candidates. Fred Thompson’s expounded national protection in his First Principles.

Protecting our Country. The first responsibility of the federal government is to protect the nation and the American people. There is no more important task. We must have a strong and effective military, capable intelligence services, and a vigorous law enforcement and homeland security capacity.

Originally I was for Fred Thompson, but settled for Mitt Romney when the market was out of Fred. Now at the party, I find John McCain served up as the centrist vanilla compromise. Am I disappointed? Will I bemoan the lack of this or that in John McCain? No way!

SolyentGreen28dAt the Democratic Party they are serving up nothing but Soylent Green. So even though I still value Fred Thompson’s principles, and Ron Paul’s conservatism, at the Republican Party I will enjoy and savor every spoonful of John McCain.

Perspective on Democratic Party race

Thursday, March 27th, 2008