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March 16, 2007

tear it down!!!

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Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2007 4:03:43 PM
Subject: [studentsforademocraticsocietybellingham] Free EVENT Update on Tacoma Port Protest: Police State-attacking your human rightsNo Troop Surge!Last Friday 6 WWU/fairhaven students went down to the Tacoma Port to Protest the shipments of the war machines to Iraq. Police opened fire on peaceful protestors with tear gas, rubber bullets, pepper bullets, pepper spray, batons, tasers, etc.Tomorrow.Thursday March 15. 5pm in the Fairhaven Auditorium Students will be presenting their experiences at the Tacoma Port Protest. With Video Footage/ Pictures/ personal accounts
Come listen to their first hand experience of the violent police state.

tear it down!!!!!
and then rebuild it!

I guess I ran into this too late for any of us to attend, but I’m sure if we contact the Students for a Democratic Society they would put us on the mailing list for their next big event. We can still catch the video on Youtube.

“tear it down!!!” Forget voting, talking, equal say, supporting your reps. True democracy has to involve law breaking and tearing down our nation.

I jest of course. True democracy is where you peacefully voice your position and vote for reps who you feel will best represent your position. True democracy is about accepting when your position is in the minority and working peacefully to influence others in hopes that your position will someday be the majority. And if you can do that without tearing anything down then our society is strengthened. Democracy demands that we make the laws to be followed and follow the laws we make. Following the laws that suit you and breaking the laws that don’t is most commonly called anarchy.

23 people were arrested after peacefully crossing a barricade or wearing backpacks in an area where police had prohibited bags “This time we were successful in keeping Strykers from shipping out from the Olympia port, and were able to draw a lot of national and international attention

when police arrested five people for refusing orders to move off railroad tracks.

arrested two men and a woman early Monday, arrested another woman late Monday after she crossed a line on Milwaukee Way that police had designated as a boundary.

police arrested dozens and used pepper spray to stop people from climbing fences into port property.

When they refused, a chemical spray was released, Graham said. All but five protestors disbursed. The five who remained again refused to leave and were taken into custody

various stories in Tacoma News Tribune

Quite a list of accomplishments. For the police I mean. They seem to have arrested quite a few protesters. It would be nice to kid ourselves and think that these otherwise peaceful protesters just got caught up in the moment and things got out of hand, but those who wish to “tear it down!!!” have been planning.

“Port Militarization Resistance is organized to end our community’s complicity in the illegal occupation of Iraq by stopping the U.S. Military’s use of the Port of Olympia.”

PMR statement of purpose — 1/21/2007

I agree that forming ourselves into blockades is our best civil disobedience (CD) option for stopping the convoys.
I believe that the Olympia peace movement is now ripe for mass actions of civil disobedience.

Just as soldiers have a responsibility to disobey unlawful orders, civilians also have a duty to refuse to cooperate. WIP

we are doing the best that we can but we need more help and more radical input. Infoshop news

At the end of yesterdays post I made a snide comment about sending AWOL soldiers to the Middle East without guns so they could peacefully get their message out without fear of harming anyone. I will extend that comment to include these students and other protesters. After all they’ve been trying to support our soldiers by blocking shipments of equipment. Essentially leaving our soldiers to arrive with only the clothes on their back to defend themselves.

Among the vehicles to be shipped are more than 300 Strykers, each outfitted with slat armor that protects them from rocket-propelled grenades. But the metal cages make the Strykers about four feet wider and add some 5,200 pounds.

Quite ironic that these safer vehicles were bigger and had to be shipped through the port is what gave the protesters their opportunities to support our soldiers in their own unique, I don’t care if you die, kind of way.

Oh, and we wonder about the Bellingham City Council?

An Olympia City council member is among about two dozen anti-war demonstrators who have been arrested in anti-war protests at the Port of Tacoma. Council member T.J. Johnson was arrested Sunday afternoon while protesting the shipment of Army vehicles and equipment to Iraq. Johnson was among 15 others who were arrested for crossing a barricade. infoshop

March 15, 2007

Now You See It… No You Don’t.

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Good news can sometimes be both fleeting and difficult to find. Today the paper Herald had a front page AP story which spoke about improvements in Iraq during the last months due to a US led security crackdown. The successes were in line with the claims of Iraqi Dr. Abd Al-Khaleg Hussein that I quoted last week in my post Success is Imminent. We get the paper at work, so I thought I would read the article more carefully when I got home. But at home I read the online Herald and the article by Robert H. Reid was nowhere to be found at the Herald site. I wondered why? Perhaps because of an oversight? Perhaps intentional? I don’t know, maybe comment section fear? So now you see the good news if you buy the paper and no you don’t get the good news if you read online. Here are a few highlights:

Bomb deaths have gone down 30 percent in Baghdad since the U.S.-led security crackdown began a month ago. Execution-style slayings are down by nearly half.

The once frequent sound of weapons has been reduced to episodic, and downtown shoppers have returned to outdoor markets – favored targets of car bombers.

There are signs of progress in the campaign to restore order in Iraq, starting with its capital city. But while many Iraqis are encouraged, they remain skeptical how long the relative calm will last.

Only two of the five U.S. brigades earmarked for the mission are in the streets, and the full complement of American reinforcements is not due until late May.

The rattle of automatic weapons fire or the rumble of distant roadside bombs comes less frequently. Traffic is beginning to return to the city’s once vacant streets.

“People are very optimistic because they sense a development. The level of sectarian violence in streets and areas has decreased,” said a 50-year-old Shiite, who gave his name only as Abu Abbas, or “father of Abbas.” “The activities of the militias have also decreased. The car bombs and the suicide attacks are the only things left, while other kinds of violence have decreased.”


A lot of good news and even more in the article. Naturally their were the standard cautions about getting our hopes up, but this was generally a positive story. Too bad this AP story released yesterday was so fleeting. It was the good news that was fleeting, it was the story. I really had to dig to find it. It looks like AP has replaced it today with a shorter and not nearly as optimistic piece.

I still think we need to send at least 21,000 more troops.  But I had this other weird thought.  There are a lot of AWOL soldiers, deserters, resistors, whatever, who seem to strongly believe that guns and violence are not the way to fight a war.  I say we should embrace their philosophy by sending them to the Middle East sans guns,  but with US flags, signs and clipboards of course.

January 26, 2007

The Asylum we call Bellingham Public Schools

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Last fall I wrote Bellingham Public Schools about their poor choice in allowing Whatcom Peace and Justice Center (WPJC) use of their facilities for an Amy Goodman booksigning. I cited WPJC’s involvement with AWOL soldiers as reason for not allowing them to use the facilities. Their response was:

It is our policy and the law to make our school facilities available for community use. Outside groups pay a fee to rent the space. Renting to any group does not mean that the Bellingham School District endorses their point of view. The Whatcom Peace and Justice Center rented this space for their event. However, I am told they have recently canceled their rental for this event.

My warning fell on deaf ears, but I was glad to see the booksigning was not going to be held at the school. (more…)

January 18, 2007

Bellingham Herald – Working for peace woman’s ‘dream job’

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This was in the Herald and it had a comment box, so comment i did. I would like to spend a few hours discussing how many levels of wrong this article possessed, but this is all I had time for:

The Bellingham Herald / Local / Working for peace woman’s ‘dream job’
Q: You must have been thrilled when the Bellingham City Council passed the Troops Home! resolution (Oct. 9).

A: Our organization created and sponsored the resolution. Our committee worked with parents of Iraq soldiers to sponsor the resolution to immediately commence the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and leave no bases behind, and to provide financial reparations. We felt it was a great victory. We joined with 107 other cities that passed similar resolutions.

As I said they had a comment box. Here is what I had to say in the time I had to say it:

I’ll try and make this quick. I admire Marie Marchand and other members of WPJC for their passion. I happen to think they are wrong in their actions and are not honest with the local public about who they are and what motivates them. But they are motivated, active and passionate.
Honesty? They won’t say the support desertion, but they support deserters such as Kyle Snyder and Ehren Watada. They say they are for social change and community responsibility when they are really promoting socialism and communism over capitalism. Why not just say it?

In the case of the troops home resolution Marie just stated “Our organization created and sponsored the resolution.”

Why didn’t she say that a national communist organization had the idea 4-5 years ago, and made a toolkit so that groups like ours can just fill in the blanks.


If your socialist and communist ideals are so right for this country, then stand up and proclaim them! Don’t hide them. People like myself will think you are up to no good.

Sometime I’ll have to address the Dudley Foundation. Again probably with their heart in the right place, but again what I think is a poor plan, communism. Anyway, they donate to WPJC, but also the Tides Foundation, which is very socialist leaning and is involved with United for Peace and Justice, Pew Foundation, communist Samuel Rubin Foundation, who in turn is involved with Institute for Policy Studies which invented the troops home resolution. It all gives me a headache. Where was it again that communism has worked out well?

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