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October 28, 2008

Oops, AP? Bellingham Herald? Your bias is showing again

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deposed Is it media bias from Associated Press or from the Bellingham Herald who just recently endorsed Gov. Gregoire over Dino Rossi?   I’ll go with both.

Dino Rossi must give a deposition before election day, he is not being deposed from his position as a candidate for governor; if that is even possible.

Who, but a lawyer would even understand that this headline meant Dino Rossi was being asked to give a deposition?  And who but a severely biased media source, skilled with words and biased against Dino Rossi would even think to use this version of deposed?

Oh! Oh! pick me! pick me!  I know the answer.  Media that so much wants to write a grabby headline, that they don’t mind unscrupulously trashing Dino Rossi’s name in public to get that grabby headline.

So which answer is correct, biased or unscrupulous?

I know someone at the Herald reads this blog, so pass this along to your boss.  I bet there are a lot of people who would like to see a retraction printed tomorrow on the same page in the same font.  Not after the election, not in little print on some back page.  Big print tomorrow.  And how about an investigation to find the political leanings of the headline author?  possible

And just to show you what is possible; check the headline on the right that is attached to the very same AP article.  Informative and immanently less biased than what we see here in Bellingham.

This author will be voting for a capable man of integrity and great character; Dino Rossi.

August 27, 2008

Getting to know Dino Rossi

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I’ve been approached more than a few times lately by people saying things like, I like Rossi, but I hear he isn’t for education, he cut teachers pay, or he is against affordable healthcare.  At times it can get a little frustrating to hear these arguments, mostly because they are not the Dino Rossi I know, but rather, because they are the product of a well executed Gregoire campaign. 

So how am I to respond?  Well I can tell you one way that I and other Dino Rossi fans have responded. 

Mind you, I’m not excited about admitting this, but the response we gave on more than one occasion was to go look at Dino’s website.  And that answer which bugged me from the second the words left my lips, is the reason for this post.  People! And I include myself, if we can’t, on the spot, reasonably explain to others why Dino Rossi is the best candidate for Governor, then we aren’t helping him to win.   Do you remember the question to Obama supporters about what he has actually done.  We don’t look any different than they, when we can’t answer either.

I won’t liken Dino Rossi to the Messiah, that’s been over used by the other side, but I liken this situation to living my Christian faith.  When someone asks about Christ, I need to have an answer, not just a Tell Christ web address.  The Bible and/or the Rossi website are great additional resources, but the battle is fought in the moment and on a personal level. 

All this is why I’ve spent more and plan to spend even more time getting to know Dino Rossi before I am put on the spot.  And that’s just a defensive move.  Imagine having the knowledge and confidence to go on the offense.  Go Dino!

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