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October 17, 2010

Help us Mr. Wizard!

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tooterturtle Anyone remember that really old cartoon with the turtle that gets into trouble and then yells Help me Mr. Wizard! Then Mr. Wizard would chant: “Drizzle, drazzle, druzzle, drome; time for zis one to come home” and the turtle would magically return and all would be well.

Help us Mr. Wizard!

It’s time for Patty Murray to come home, not to save her, but to save our nation from her.  I watched the recent Rossi/Murray debate and was stunned by her lack of responsibility for any of the troubles in our nation.  In her closing remarks she had the audacity to say,

I want to make sure that we pay for what we responsibly do.  As leaders that is the decisions we make.”

She has been in the US Senate for almost 2 decades of our nation’s worst out of control spending.  If she really believed in paying for what our leadership has done, then she would have done it by now or left in shame for her inability to get the job done.  Either way it’s time for her to come home.

I want to make sure that we pay for what we responsibly do and  as voters it is time to say no to longtime senator Patty Murray and yes to Dino Rossi.  Let’s give Dino Rossi a chance to right things.

Also, if you didn’t catch the debate live, here’s some links so that you can watch it on YouTube just like I did.

Rossi/Murray Debate Part 2:

Rossi/Murray Debate Part 3:

Rossi/Murray Debate Part 4:

Rossi/Murray Debate Part 5:

September 27, 2010

Dino Rossi for US Senate

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There is no getting around the fact that Dino Rossi has twice run for governor and twice lost.   It would be catchy to call him a two time loser, but as things turned out the people of our state were the real two time  losers.    In both campaigns Dino Rossi pointed out that our state leaders have an overspending problem and time has proven that he was right.  They did have a spending problem, they do have a spending problem and many of those we elected think that more spending is the way to solve our financial woesSenator Patty Murray has been part of our national overspending problem for decades.  Dino Rossi is running for her seat and I think it’s about time we listened to him.

I’ve met Dino a couple of times, know people who know him well we all love him and his strong moral character.  In addition he has a great resume as an accomplished private businessman and a former state senator.  I could go deeper into his qualifications for office, but really this is a very uncomplicated decision.  Insanely vote for more of the same overspending and wasteful government, or vote for Dino Rossi.

Don’t be insane, Vote for Rossi

August 27, 2008

Getting to know Dino Rossi

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I’ve been approached more than a few times lately by people saying things like, I like Rossi, but I hear he isn’t for education, he cut teachers pay, or he is against affordable healthcare.  At times it can get a little frustrating to hear these arguments, mostly because they are not the Dino Rossi I know, but rather, because they are the product of a well executed Gregoire campaign. 

So how am I to respond?  Well I can tell you one way that I and other Dino Rossi fans have responded. 

Mind you, I’m not excited about admitting this, but the response we gave on more than one occasion was to go look at Dino’s website.  And that answer which bugged me from the second the words left my lips, is the reason for this post.  People! And I include myself, if we can’t, on the spot, reasonably explain to others why Dino Rossi is the best candidate for Governor, then we aren’t helping him to win.   Do you remember the question to Obama supporters about what he has actually done.  We don’t look any different than they, when we can’t answer either.

I won’t liken Dino Rossi to the Messiah, that’s been over used by the other side, but I liken this situation to living my Christian faith.  When someone asks about Christ, I need to have an answer, not just a Tell Christ web address.  The Bible and/or the Rossi website are great additional resources, but the battle is fought in the moment and on a personal level. 

All this is why I’ve spent more and plan to spend even more time getting to know Dino Rossi before I am put on the spot.  And that’s just a defensive move.  Imagine having the knowledge and confidence to go on the offense.  Go Dino!

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