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November 5, 2012

Vote Now

If you’ve still got that blank ballot kicking around, it’s time to get ‘r done. There is a drop box right across the street from 9-11 in Ferndale or you can always mail it. Based on research and/or meeting the candidates in person, here’s how I voted. 

President/Vice President – Romney/Ryan

Governor – McKenna

U.S. Senate – Michael Baumgartner

U.S. Rep, District 1 – John Koster

U.S. Rep, District 2 – Dan Matthews

Lt. Governor – Bill Finkbeiner

Secretary of State – Kim Wyman

State Treasurer – Sharon Hanek

State Auditor – James Watkins

Attorney General – Reagan Dunn

Commissioner of Public Lands – Clint Didier

State Sen. District 40 – John Swapp – He’s not in my area, but I’d vote for him if I could.

State Rep. District 42, Pos. 1 – Jason Overstreet

State Rep. District 42, Pos. 2 – Vincent Buys

Public Utility District 1 – Paul Kenner

State Supreme Court Justice, Pos. 9 – Richard Sanders

Whatcom County Superior Court Judge – Dave Grant

Reject – Ref 74 current definition of marriage is fine.

Yes – I-1185 – Requiring 2/3 majority to raise taxes is a good idea.

Yes – I-1240 – Allows expansion of charter schools, current plan is not working time to try plan b

No – I-502 – Don’t think more access to drugs is good and having the State run the cartel is a super bad idea.

Approve – SJR 8221 – to keep debt limits low. More borrowing to balance the budget is a bad idea.

No – Prop. No. 1 – Add more bureaucrats is no way to fix problems in the port commission.

January 20, 2010

Too bad Senator Murray

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When asked about the election of a Republican senator in Massachusetts yesterday, our Senator Murray said,

"In general I would say it shows what a lot of us already know: that people are feeling unstable and worried about the economy and their jobs and their capability to provide for their families," Murray told reporters on a conference call.


I couldn’t agree with her more. They were worried about the economy, their jobs, and their ability to provide for their families. And so what did they do? The people of this predominantly left leaning area of our nation soundly elected a Republican Scott Brown rather than his Democratic Party competition.

Too bad for you Senator Murray that you are a Democrat and the people around here seem to be worried about the same things as our brethren back East.

Astala byebye….you did keep those tennis shoes didn’t you?

October 14, 2009

6 Ways before Tuesday

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Whatcom County Council – Kathy Kershner, Mary Beth Teigrob, Michelle Luke, Bill Knutzen

Yes  on I-1033 – keeping reasonable limits on government growth seems reasonable.

REJECT ref 71/SB 5688 – one man and one woman is  the best foundation for a family

November 13, 2008

Painting the picture

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paint Come January, Senator Obama will become President Obama.  The election was another stunning example of the greatness of our nation.  And I am not saying this because I feel Barack Obama is stunning.  My feeling is that when the honeymoon is over, we will find him to be a mediocre president, only stunning us with his lack of experience.  President-elect Obama is not the stunner, the election is the stunner.  Even though 46% of this nation did not vote for the winner, the election went off without violence and rioting.   Would things have been so quiet had Sen. Obama only receive 46% and also lost the election?   That’s not my gut feel, but we will never know, so I’ll just say the peaceful election was a stunning testament to our nation and especially to the character of the 46% who did not see their candidate win.

As a party, the Democrats around the nation saw their representation grow or hold steady.  But in spite of superior campaign strategy and a huge electoral victory for Barack Obama, our nation is still not overwhelmingly convinced of the Democratic Party message.  Frankly, I would doubt that most people who voted Democrat even know their party platform or even that a platform exists.  And before anyone calls me on it, I’ll admit that of most Republicans also.  But my point is the same; the election didn’t represent a huge shift in the values of our nation.  We are the same as we were on 11/3, just with different representation.

I just spent a week in New Mexico with people from all around the nation and a few from beyond.  As discussions turned to politics, the room was split, just as it had been in years and elections past.  Barack Obama and the Democratic Party didn’t cause some huge shift in the face of our nation.  At best they caused a few percent shift.  In fact now that I think of it; in what looks like a down economy, incredibly high fuel costs and an incumbent party to blame a war and a whole host of other ills on, the Democrats should have been able to pull out a double digit lead in the popular vote.

So a week after the election, we are the same people we were a week before the election.  Nothing has changed, but our representation.  And regardless of whether they represent one party or another, they represent you.   Find out who they are and tell them how you feel.

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