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Reality Bites in Ferndale

In this case, reality is taking a bite out of Jon Mutchler and his faltering campaign to be the next mayor of Ferndale. The one big problem for him is that even though he has lived in and around Ferndale for decades, his day to day reality is not the same reality occupied by most people in

Just Say No to the City of Ferndale – Part 1

A recent Whatcom View article titled  Mayor says Ferndale tax increase needed to repair roads can be credited with offering sufficient irritation that I found the time to again write in this blog. Recently the City of Ferndale has been emphasizing and funding extreme street makeovers like the Second Ave Extension, including the useless park

Wrong choices for our kids

Ted Bundy spent much of his youth baby sitting his younger siblings, would you let him watch you children?  Would you hire Dr. Jack (Death) Kevorkian for in home care of your mother?  Knowing what we know now about these people, I think the answer would be a widespread resounding, NO!   If that is the