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And we eat our young

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Did you read the article Republican’s Vote Against Mom, No Word on Puppies Kittens. It was in the Washington Post and referred to by a local Democrat blogger who used the column as a tool to question the morality, integrity and sanity of Republicans.

  • A majority of the House GOP has voted against motherhood.
  • When Republicans are against Motherhood, can voting against apple pie be far behind?
  • we need to question their collective sanity as well as their morality and integrity.
  • Is Rick Bart Against Motherhood, Too?
  • Republican’s Vote Against Mom, No Word on Puppies Kittens
  • 178 Republicans cast their votes against mothers.

After that little mosaic of quotes, it is a wonder that neither the Washington Post, nor our local Democrat blogger, has accused us of also eating our young. Seriously though, this accusation doesn’t hurt Republicans, it only makes Democratic Party followers look ridiculous for even making this suggestion.

And by the way, the Washington Post also carried a couple of articles, Democrats Link Wishes to War Funding and ‘Blue Dog’ Democrats Join GOP in Opposing War Bill, which explain the real reason that Republicans and also conservative Democrats were employing obstructive tactics against the majority Democrats last week.

Lastly, let me as, a registered Republican, make this perfectly clear on this Mother’s Day; I have nothing but love, respect and appreciation for mothers everywhere regardless of political and/or religious affiliations.

Although……… I’m not really keen on moms who dress their children in exploding vests. Silly looking home knit vests, yes; exploding vests, no.