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June 28, 2008


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06-27-08 fillup

I guess I love my roots in the British culture because I can appreciate their humor and life perspective. Take joyriding, usually where someone young, stupid or drunk, or young, stupid and drunk, steals a car just for the pleasure of driving it. Some end in joyriding tragedies like jail time, injury or even death as witnessed locally with teens joyriding a steamroller. Amusingly, the British don’t call joyriding theft as we do here in the colonies, they refer to it mildly as twocking, from the acronym TWOC for Taken Without Owners Consent. Your not stealing, your twocking. Twocking kind of, sort of puts the joy back in joyriding.

Well today another sort of joyriding needs to have some fun put back in it. Rising petrol prices, as we all are certainly aware of, are making even legal joyriding (aka the Sunday drive) difficult to enjoy. How do you justify the cost of a purely for fun 100 mile excursion. Especially living out in the county where even our shop local buy local options are 20 mile round trips. It’s a matter of managing resources, i.e. money. Although, as a resourceful family we could twock someone whose just filled up? but with kids, booster seats and the dog, I just don’t think we would make a clean getaway.

We could take a Sunday drive on WTA, after we walk 5 miles to the nearest transit center, but that doesn’t sound at all joyful. And what about the freedom to just turn left or right and see where a road leads; how’s the driver or fellow riders going to deal with you saying “hey, what say we hang a left here and just see where it takes us.”

What’s a guy to do when there is no more joy in joyriding? Scooter!

What a great evening we had yesterday for taking a joyride, for no other reason than joy. And with a scooter it’s all joy. There isn’t the petrol price spectre looming over you, or a little red faced Al Gore sitting on your shoulder giving a carbon-footprint lecture. I filled up my trusted Chinese steed with mid-grade oats for about 5 bucks. I’m now good for another 80 or 90 miles of joyful joyriding.

** And it’s a joyful bonus when I see a passerby do a scooter double take on my Rossi sticker.

May 13, 2008

Peak oil doom and gloom

refugees_02There are a lot of “Peak Oil” doom and gloom vibes floating around out there and I think they are emanating mostly from socialism thumping Democrats. And I’d be all doomy, gloomy and depressed also, if I thought the way to energy independence was packed into big no fun, no freedom, everyone goes the same place at the same time, mass transit buses and trains.

Most people don’t readily take to a no fun, no freedom, no hope, tomorrow’s no better than today way of life; but many on the left are giving their best shot at guilting Americans into accepting socialism as some sort of punishment for a raised standard of living.

I don’t get the same doom and gloom vibes over gas prices from people on the right. They tend to focus on a better situation in life, responsible freedom, perhaps a little fun, and most definitely hope over doom & gloom. And why not! Capitalism and freedom make “peak oil” a non-issue. Regardless of supply or lack of supply, as prices go up, capitalists will look for more economical solutions and usually find them.

imageAnd by solutions I mean solutions, not a pushcart, not a bike, not public transportation, not even one of these little pseudo-cars that I read about in the Herald. While, it may be good enough for running around town; with a top speed of 35 mph and a range of 50 miles, it just doesn’t do it for me. I’m sure the manufacturer hit their niche market, but gas burning autos are a mass market, and a mass market vehicle demands mass market performance and pizazz.

Baker_E_01In fact, to understand just how little performance and pizazz this modern wonder has, you need only to compare this little car to the Baker Electric, which topped out around 25 mph, but had a longer range of 110 miles. In 1909 the Baker may have had performance and pizazz, but similar performance in a car today is rather dull, maybe even dangerous.  Tough to think of giving up even high priced gas for this golf cart like auto.  This Baker is part of Jay Leno’s GarageCheck it out. He does a great review and even has a test drive clip. Pretty cool! For 100 years ago.

And before you leave Jay’s Garage, check out the Tesla Roadster. Tesla Motors is showing just how ungloomy and undoomy our future will be if continue to fend off socialism. Tesla_01

  • Acceleration time: 0–60 mph in 3.9 seconds.
  • Top speed: electronically limited at 125 mph
  • Range: 221 miles on the EPA combined cycle

Performance, pizazz, and technology that will likely trickle down to mass market family cars and minivans. And by the way they are selling these. You know; capitalism, some profit, some jobs, some fun, and a lot of hope for a better future.

Oh, and just for fun.

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