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October 25, 2008

It’s not really about experience

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sidebysideWhen you hear clamoring  about Sarah Palin being only a governor and therefore not experienced enough to be VP let alone P, I’d like you to consider a couple of things.

First check the list below of former governors who became US presidents.  There are 20 of them, yes 20,  and even the short term governors include the likes of Andrew Jackson, Grover Cleveland, and the man on the right, Teddy Roosevelt.

A state governor is a well documented and accepted prerequisite for the presidential office; the far left is just making noise.  However, I’ll grant that list of presidents with senatorial experience is probably equally as long.  One vast difference in experience though, between Sen. Obama and Gov. Palin, is that over the last couple of years that they have both been in office, Sarah Palin was focusing on the duties of her office and not campaigning to be a presidential candidate.

Another vast difference is that democrats are asking us to give Sen. Obama on the job training in the oval office, while Sarah Palin as VP will be second for John McCain one of the most experienced Senators in US history.

I believe the same reasons that has the far left clamoring about Sarah Palin are the same reasons that most Americans should welcome her leadership in our nation.  She believes in the regular old American values that made our nation great and she practices them at home and in office.

Those who wish to change our nation to a secular socialist tasteless society are clamoring, while others like myself, who respect and believe in the nation our forefathers created, are casting our vote for the experienced McCain/Palin ticket.

  1. Thomas Jefferson, Governor of Virginia, 1779-81
  2. James Monroe, Governor of Virginia, 1799-1802
  3. Andrew Jackson, Governor of the Florida Territory, 1821
  4. Martin Van Buren, Governor of New York, 1829
  5. William Henry Harrison, Territorial Governor of Indiana, 1801-13
  6. John Tyler, Governor of Virginia, 1825-26
  7. James Knox Polk, Governor of Tennessee, 1839-41
  8. Andrew Johnson, Governor of Tennessee, 1853-57, Military Governor of Tennessee, 1862-65
  9. Rutherford Birchard Hayes, Governor of Ohio, 1868-72, Governor of Ohio, 1876-77
  10. Grover Cleveland, Governor of New York, 1883-85
  11. William McKinley, Governor of Ohio, 1892-96
  12. Theodore Roosevelt, Governor of New York, 1898-1900
  13. William Howard Taft, Governor of the Philippines, 1901-04
  14. Woodrow Wilson, Governor of New Jersey, 1911-13
  15. Calvin Coolidge, Governor of Massachusetts, 1919-20
  16. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Governor of New York, 1929-33
  17. James Earl Carter, Jr., Governor of Georgia, 1971-75
  18. Ronald Wilson Reagan, Governor of California, 1967-75
  19. William Jefferson Clinton, Governor of Arkansas, 1978-80, 1982-92
  20. George Walker Bush, Governor of Texas, 1995-2000

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