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It’s not a partisan gap, it’s Democrats

When I look at our financial state of affairs in Olympia I don’t see a partisan gap issue as many in the news have said, I see a problem with the Democrats who have had too much control and for too long.   The real problem is not that there is a gap between the Republican […]


There is more than one way to balance our state’s budget.  It looks as if our Governor is favoring a tax increase.  I prefer spending cuts over more taxes.  If you are of the same mind then why not Check out this video message or go straight to  the PUSH BACK NO TAX petition that […]

Time for the drama to end in Olympia

There is just too much drama coming out of our state capital and it needs to end.  I’d love to see the drama queen’s show be cancelled mid season, but that would be too much to even hope for.  I’ll settle for her contract running out at the end of this season, but that is […]

EFF: 105 days, 105 ways to balance the budget, cut government waste and stimulate the economy

I don’t think there is any doubt that we have a budget balancing problem in our state.  While some of our problems may stem from recent issues with our national economy, the majority of our problems started back much earlier and have been building toward this crisis ever since then. Like any problems we face […]

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