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September 27, 2008

Debate: Four way tie

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4way I’ve watched or listened to two debates in the last few days and for the most part found them to be like JV football games.  I felt like I had to be there because my kid was playing, but as a game/debate it really wasn’t much hold my interest nor to talk about afterwards.  Sen. Rossi, Sen.Obama, Gov. Gregoire and Sen. McCain all spent way way way, ok one more way too much time with campaign points. 

No matter what the question or rebut, all responses seemed to be something I’ve heard before.  I don’t think I learned a single new fact, not a single apparent factual paradox resolved, and certainly the only candidate who seemed to lose there composure a bit was Gov. Gregiore, but that seems to be the norm for her anyway.  I also saw/heard a continually arrogant Sen. Obama, a too polished Sen. Rossi and a John McCain who was confident, yet still a bit too reserved. 

I can say I felt the debaters landed in a four way tie, but I’m still stumped as to whether it’s a winning tie or a losing tie.  I’ll hope that a little later in this now short season, we will be past all the campaigning and start the debating.

August 13, 2008

Oh, just a couple of ridiculous things

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You get to reading for awhile and suddenly realize that you are reading one of the most ridiculous things in your life.

1st Ridiculous thing: A blog-versation between AFY and Sam Taylor trying to fact each other into a corner over how much Gov. Gregoire has increased spending in our state.  Is it $8.05 billion, $33.65 billion, 26%, $25.6 billion, $2.7 billion this year, 14% since 2005…..  Ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous; just settle for she spends like a crazed woman and then taxes us in any way shape and form imaginable so she can spend more.  The only people in Washington state that aren’t over burdened with taxes are the people who run casinos.  Does the average elected Democrat in our state realize that the first step in any home or personal budget is to cut spending?  The first step is not go and squeeze more money from your friends and relatives, it is to cut spending.

2nd Ridiculous thing: The One ad I watched at Washington Outsider.   It may have been put out by the McCain camp, but in my book it is truly sad, not very becoming to John McCain and yes ridiculous.  And on the same anti-christish message, Time magazine titled an article An Antichrist Obama in McCain Ad? and yes the article was ridiculous too.  But what is most ridiculous is that anyone could still be planning a vote for a person who has so much anti-christish stuff said about him.  I didn’t and wouldn’t vote for Al Gore, Christine Gregoire, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi to name a few, but I don’t think I’ve read much about them being confused for the anti-Christ.  Don’t ya think being thought of as even anti-christ like, let alone the real deal, would deter people from casting votes their direction?  And isn’t it ridiculous to think that we need a big made up Hollywood production to conjure up visions of the anti-christ, when we could simply do a reality show about Barack Obama’s position on killing unborn and recently born children?

Sometimes I wish I had grown up illiterate.

February 28, 2008

Rossi responds to WEA on I-732

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Rossi for Governor:   The Washington Education Association (WEA) this week launched radio advertisements attacking Dino Rossi for suspending I-732 in the 2003 budget, an initiative that increased teacher pay. In their attack, the WEA fails to mention that this was a bipartisan budget, passed in difficult economic times during the post 9/11 recession, and that Dino successfully fought to give new teachers pay increases.

February 11, 2008

Governor Gregoire on Daily Kos

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Yes, she posted a thinly disguised pump for Barack Obama.

The results of our caucuses reflected our state’s desire for lasting and positive change that will put our country back on track. I share that vision of hope and congratulate Senator Obama on his victory. Gov. Gregoire at Dailykos.com

She bookended this endorsement with comments and congratulations for both parties, but the endorsement is plainly evident. And I’m not saying she doesn’t have a right to do this as regular old citizen. I did notice her not explaining how her opinion as an appointed super-delegate effectively negates the voice of a lot of Clinton supporters.

poll I wonder if she had a chance to pop over to the presidential poll that is still running at the DailyKos? Wouldn’t a vote for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also stand as a vote for change? That poll says a lot about those, including Governor Gregoire, who hang out there.

Careful what you vote for, when you simply vote for change.

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