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June 16, 2009

Whatcom Republicans Pass Resolution of Support to Audit the Federal Reserve

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untitledSix weeks ago when Mark Edson wrote a letter to the editor regarding HR 1207 the bill had 58 co-sponsors and now, in the most recent count I’ve seen, the number of co-sponsors has with disregard for party lines, risen to 224, enough for a majority.

Our government is putting us on the hook for trillions of dollars. I support HR 1207 because I want to know how my taxes are being spent.  It seems a no brainer to support this, yet there are a few hold outs like Rick Larsen who for reasons known only to him, won’t. 

On Saturday morning, the Whatcom GOP used their brains and passed a resolution in support of HR 1207.

Whereas Congress, the Treasury, and the Federal Reserve have put us on the hook for almost $10 trillion in bailouts and loans.

Whereas 10 Trillion dollars is an exorbitant amount, enough to purchase One Hundred Million $100,000 dollar homes.

Whereas the taxpayers of America or American capital are the sole sources of replenishment of these funds.

Whereas the size of debt these bills are incurring is greater that what the current generation can bear leaving us in the morally repugnant position of requiring our debt be paid by the labor of future generations.

Whereas the denial of the U.S. taxpayer or their representative to know where the whole of their money was spent amounts to taxation without representation.

Whereas the current administration’s agenda indicates a significant likelihood these funds being used to socialize the ownership of vast amounts of capital.

Whereas the Federal Reserve is a private corporation and is protected by the US Code from revealing to congress or any oversight committee the recipients of these funds.

Whereas H.R. 1207 is a bill that specifically REMOVES the US Code audit protections from the private federal reserve and further requires an audit to be performed to reveal the recipients of these 10 Trillion dollars in bailouts and loans.

Let it therefore be resolved that we, the members of the Whatcom County Republican Party declare our support for H.R. 1207.

June 15, 2009

News from the FourthCorner

fcOver the last few days, week, and months there has been an ever growing number of events in Whatcom county that take aim at government accountability to the citizens of this area and nation.   Right now local reporting is lagging and lacking so it is nice that ordinary people are stepping up and making themselves heard in person, in the press, and in the growing online community.

Case in point:

  • Do you know that Doug Ericksen is co-hosting PM Bellingham in about 30 minutes?
  • Do you know that Rick Larsen, who spoke in Ferndale on Saturday, stands on HR 1207?
  • Do you know the “Bonner mini-initiative” may face legal difficulties?
  • Do you know who organized all the flag waving on the overpasses last weekend?
  • Do you know if we’ve heard the last of ill conceived Sanctuary City thing?

I’ve listed quite a few local blogs that supplement and sometimes surpass our local media, but another avenue for staying informed is to read Charlie Crabtree’s words and thoughts in his FourthCorner Newsletter. With Charlie’s permission I’ll be posting them from time to time, but the best way to hear what this well informed guy has to say is to go over to FourthCorner and sign up for his newsletter.

Now for some answers from his recent newsletter.  And pay close attention to Rick Larsen’s response to HR 1207, a transparency bill which has tremendous bipartisan support and last I heard was co-sponsored by a majority of representatives.

Representative Doug Ericksen to Co-Host PM Bellingham State Representative Doug Ericksen to Co-Host the PM Bellingham Show Monday June 15th from 5:00 To 6:00 PM . How about Doug Ericksen Co-Hosting on a more permanent basis on PM Bellingham? Tune in and see what you think.

Flag Day Celebration a great Positive Experience
Sunday June 14th was Flag Day.
The tea party grassroots organization had a web site where the public could sign up to stand with the flag on Whatcom County Freeway Overpasses. You can go here to see the results http://www.whatcomflagday.com/ of Flag Day activity. My family and I stood with others on the Main Street Overpass in Ferndale. It was a blustery day so the flags worked hard most of the hour and a half we were there. Being a veteran I have worked under our flag in service to our country overseas. My thoughts didn’t so much go to my service but to those that today are working to defend the country our flag represents. I was proud to stand in for them here at home waving the flag. I do hope they heard the car horns, the semi trucks blowing their horns and even a short siren from a Medic unit. I hope they saw all the waves, thumbs up and flashing lights of so many cars passing below. I hope they feel better knowing that when people stopped traffic to ask why we were waving the flag; we educated them today. Our family so very much enjoyed the day just giving a reminder in a wonderfully showy way what a great country we all live in and how for so many who passed us today the flag of the United States stands for the greatness of our country. We appreciated this opportunity very much.

Mini Initiative to face possible no vote because staff says it may be illegal.
Questions by County Council Members to County attorney’s suggest “legal argument” to be basis for the voters not to have a voice on tax rate increases.

As soon as Mr. Bonner can craft a response to the pages of legalese we will publish it here at the Fourth Corner.

Mr. Bonner still suggests that if you can carve out some time for the County Council Meeting on June 23rd at 6:00PM. Your presence is even more important now. The author agrees with Mr. Bonner on attendance at this Council Meeting. It seems the powers that be in government (even at the local level) have found a way to confound the participation of the people in tax decisions that effect their lives.

Tea Party 12:00-2:00PM Saturday July 4th Bellis Fair area will be the venue
I am told by the organizers that one of the activities nearing completion is a survey for candidates at the local level to fill out. The tea party organizers will then publish the results to interested parties so voters can make decisions on which candidates to support in the fall.

The organizers request your help in getting as many people to show up on the 4th as possible. Sign making activities will be announced shortly.

Congressman Rick Larsen Visits Ferndale
Supporters of House Bill 1207 have their say at Forum
Over 100 people filled the Whatcom Educational Credit Union meeting room in Ferndale at 3:00PM this last Saturday to listen and ask questions of Representative Rick Larsen.

House Bill 1207 is a bill that would require more oversight by Congress of the Federal Reserve Bank. Most in attendance were wondering why Rep Larsen did not support the issue. His response was that basically: in his view there was enough oversight already. He was then asked why he would not vote the views of his voters. An attendee asked if his vote for the “bail out” last fall was representative since he stated that the calls he was getting from the district were 50% no and 50% hell no. He simply replied that he voted the way he did for the best interest of the country and if voters were unsatisfied with that vote they would not return him to Congress. My interest was raised on his talk on health care. He stated that Medicare payments to local doctors for the same procedures in other parts of the country are higher than they are Whatcom County. He thought it was something that needs to be fixed because our local doctors are more efficient and paid less.

So an unasked question would seem to be “If a government Medical Program(Medicare) that has been in existence for over 40 years is not working well today; then how can one think that the government taking over all health care in the nation can work any better?”

Sanctuary City proposal ‘debated’ at City Facilities After the hearings: Does the city council support this proposal? Ask them.
http://www.cob.org/cob/ccmailform.nsf/frmCCMail?OpenForm&Member=Bellingham City Council&memberemail=ccmail To see the arguments AGAINST Sanctuary City Click Here


To see what was in the minds of those FOR Sanctuary City Click Here


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