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May 31, 2010

Still Standing with Israel

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After hearing today about Israeli commandos killing Palestinian peace activists I was mentally prepared to admonish Israel for their actions.  Instead, I read more before I leaped and no will offer a few words in support and admiration for Israel.

Israel had imposed a maritime blockade off the coast of Gaza, because Israel has been in a state of armed conflict with Hamas that controls Gaza.  Israel has in the past allowed relief ships to pass through the blockade, but they closed the blockade after Hamas escalated rocket attacks from from Gaza last fall.  Remember that from Gaza, Hamas had been attacking Israel with rockets for years even to the point that Israel has moved schools underground.  and last year stepped up their bombardment.  I continue to maintain that as long as someone is attacking a nation, the nation has a right to defend it’s people.  Let’s not forget the reality of Hamas that most Israeli’s deal with everyday.  Hamas doesn’t want peace with Israel.

“Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it” (The Martyr, Imam Hassan al-Banna, of blessed memory).
Preamble to The Hamas Charter

So Israel was faced with a group of ships that were intent on running the blockade to supply Gaza with aid.  The rockets that Hamas fired from Gaza into came from somewhere and although the Turkish IHH who organized the flotilla maintain that only humanitarian supplies were on board, I think that Israel was motivated to be certain of this fact.

The Navy ships initially requested the ships to change course peacefully from Gaza and head for Ashdod, where they would be able to unload their aid material, which would then be transferred over land to Gaza after undergoing security inspections.

And my suspicions would be heightened after reports of those on board the flotilla chanting about the army of Mohammed returning and one person interviewed said “Right now we face one of two happy endings: either Martyrdom or reaching Gaza.”   If that statement sounds more like a jihadist to you than a peaceful activists, don’t worry you’re not alone.   The Turkish IHH may claim they are a merely a peace group, but much of the world recognizes that Turkish IHH also supports radical Islamic groups like Hamas, in this case.

It also doesn’t help if a Hamas organizer of the flotilla, weeks before makes the claim that with the next flotilla, “the confrontation will be directly with the Zionist enemy itself on the high seas.”  It’s tough to find a lot of “peace” in those statement and not surprisingly not a lot of peace in how things unfolded.

The IDF videos provide proof that the “peace activists” that Navy commandos expected on the flotilla actually were armed extremists who had carefully planned to ambush the soldiers. One commando suffered serious wounds after a being thrown 10 meters from the bridge of one ship to the deck below.

The demonstrators had clearly prepared their weapons in advance for this specific purpose,” IDF spokesmen said.

The attackers assaulted the commandos as they descended on deck by rope from helicopters hovering above the flotilla. The Navy soldiers were virtually defenseless because of their orders as the attackers beat them with metal clubs and knives and fired at them with two pistols that had been snatched from the commandos.

The soldiers were under orders not to shoot, but the “open fire” command was given after stun grenades failed to disperse the attackers.

So given the situation I have to say that I admire Israel for sending in it’s commandos with strict orders not to shoot and I admire the Israeli commandos for their courage and discipline in this situation.   Things could have been a lot worse, or better if the peace flotilla had just peacefully cooperated with Israel.

** Updated 6/2/10**

I was not surprised that President Obama sided with terrorist organizations rather than with Israel and their right to defend itself in this situation.  I was very disappointed though, that he chose not to speak himself in condemnation of Israel, but instead used, Hillary Clinton.  From the look on her face and her unconvincing delivery I wouldn’t be surprised to see her resign sometime soon and start her 2012 bid against Mr. Obama.

The real message from President Obama: He doesn’t want to support Israel, but he doesn’t want a sound bite of him condemning Israel either.  What a South end of a North bound chicken move by our President.

Also in the video clip I saw, Secretary of State Clinton said “The United States supports the Security councils condemnation of the acts leading to this tragedy.”    I hope the list of acts leading to this tragedy will start with a condemnation of this planned ambush of  Israeli military.

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January 8, 2009

Poor analogy

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pw Back when Brett Bonner was still around I suggested that he team up with Joe Teehan for a show like KVI’s commentators in which liberal Ken Schram and conservative Jon Carlson host a daily show.

Joe on the other hand I see as liberal and not very sensible.  Most of the time I can’t stand listening to him or his even more liberal and less sensible guests.  But I have noticed that when talking with a conservative guest rather than a conservative caller, he quickly tones things down to a point that I can understand and sometimes appreciate his opinion.  Then I heard the blurb you did about him and I wondered if Bellingham might be into a show with you two together.  I think it would have mass appeal in Whatcom County.

It’s not in my work schedule hear much talk radio, but every now and then I like to indulge myself with one of KGMI’s podcasts.  As you can tell from my last few posts, how the world reacts to the situation in Gaza if of great interest to me.  So I downloaded a copy of the Morning show with Joe & Patti that listed Gaza as a topic.  After a few minutes on this polarizing topic I found it was quite an interesting twist that with the all the shuffling at KGMI, and Brett Bonner’s exit, we now have the type of show that I wanted when Brett was around.  We have a toned down yet still liberal Joe Teehan teamed with the obviously conservative, yet not line toting, Patti Brooks.

On this episode I found the Joe & Patti lined up pretty much where I hear most who identify themselves with the left and right; Joe claiming that Israel has their rights, but that they are way out of line with the amount of force, and Patti more in line with myself in that Israel is just doing what they feel is necessary to put an end to the years of bombardment from Gaza.

In the show, Joe refers to the Hamas as a small minority and in his analogy to Whatcom County uses the example of a few guys lobbing rockets into Canada.  While this is very similar to other analogies I’ve heard from the left, it is still just as wrong.  Joe’s assessment of Hamas as a minority and similar to a few guys in Whatcom county is totally inaccurate.  The Palestinian people elected officials from the Hamas Party, the same way we elect Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, etc.

Saturday, January 29, 2005
Hamas, a radical islamist party, has won by a large majority in the Gaza Strip council elections held last month. Hamas won 75 out of the 118 seats, with Fatah, the party of Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas only managing to secure 39 seats. Of the ten council areas in Gaza, Hamas has control of seven.

The rockets are not fired off by a minority or a few guys as Joe says, they are smuggled into the area and fired off by members of Hamas.  The same Hamas that was elected with 64% of the vote.  The Democrats are the majority party in our state and in the last election, showed not dissimilar percentages.

So a more correct analogy might be one where our state government under Democrat Christine Gregiore’s leadership secretly truck in rockets from Oregon and local Democrats set them up in public school yards.  The Democratic Party, still angry over the Great Pig War, launch rockets North for 7 years before Canada finally fights back.  They target government and public facilities; they target high ranking Democratic Party officials.
In fear for their life, Republicans steer clear of public schools, City Council meetings, Neighbors with lingering Obama ’08 signs, the Federal building, the college and any other known Democrat hangouts.  The Canadians make a valiant effort to target only hate mongering Democrats, yet sadly many peaceful Republicans are caught in the crossfire.  International news condemns Canada for allowing the deaths of Republican children.
Many Democrats die at the hands of Canada before Canada returns home.  In Washington, we Republicans pray that Canada has made a big enough impact on the Democratic Party that the Republicans will be triumphant in the next election.  Even though Washington is made up of both Democrats and Republicans, we Republicans are willing to put generations of Pig War anger and forge a lasting peace with Canada.
(previous analogy is completely fictional and any similarities between Democrats and Hamas are purely coincidental)

Not every Palestinian wants to wipe Israel off the world, but enough of them apparently do that they elected a ruling party who indiscriminately fires rockets into Israel.  Israel will hopefully kill or chase out enough Hamas supporters, so that the more peaceful Fatah party might flourish and not shoot rockets into Israel.  As the threat from Gaza diminishes, trade with Israel and the world will increase and Gaza may become a peaceful and prosperous place to live.

The ball is, as it has been, in Gaza’s court.  If they choose violence towards Israel, then there will be violence towards Gaza, but if they choose to live peacefully with Israel then there will in Gaza.

January 6, 2009

Putting an end to 15 seconds

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sderotchildren4 Israel knows the number of Hamas rockets and mortar shells that have been fired from Gaza since they peacefully left the area in Palestinian rule.  The rest to the world may have been behind, but are starting to come up to speed.  I can’t imagine what life is like for those in Israel so it is really not up to me to judge the magnitude of their response to the Hamas problem.  Watch 15 Seconds, Another 15 seconds and 15 seconds in Sderot; you will have a better understanding of what it is like for those living in southern Israel.  We worry about WASL’s yet over a year ago public schools in Sderot were moved underground for safety from continuous Hamas attacks.

A quick aside regarding disproportionate response; I am all for it.  If a one small person were in the middle of an armed bank robbery, I’d want more than one one small police officer showing up at the scene; disproportion is good.

This is not a new situation.  Where were the condemnations of Hamas by the international community?  Where were the front page news stories about Hamas’ almost daily bombing of peaceful Israeli people?  I believe the press came up a little short in accurately reporting the situation and I applaud Israel for shutting down the 15 second dash for life; especially knowing full well that they would be seen as the bad guys by the international community and the press.

The stories are there in support of Israel and in condemnation of Hamas, but I think the press is so used to bashing President Bush for defending our nation against Islam that they only see things through Allah colored glasses.  If this were not the case then why didn’t I see bipartisan support for Israel articles all over the news when Democrats and Republicans alike are standing in support of Israel.

Recently Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada (D) speaking on Meet the Press gave a great synopsis and even a little NW analogy in his summation of Gaza situation.

Let’s understand the background.  For eight years they’ve been firing rockets into Israel.  They’ve become more intense the last few months.  Israelis have been killed, maimed and injured.  Sometimes more than 200 a day coming into Israel.

If this were going on in the United States from Vancouver, Canada, into Seattle, would we react?  Course we do.  We would have to.  I think what the Israelis are doing is very important.  I think this terrorist organization, Hamas, has got to be put away.  They’ve got to come to their senses.  The Fatah group, which is–makes up part of Palestinian group, has a peace arrangement with Israel. Hamas should do the same.

And, and, and Israel, for–since 1967, controlled Gaza.  They gave it to the Palestinians as a gesture of peace.  And all they got are a bunch of rockets in return.

I, I’m not concerned about removing Hamas from power, I’m concerned about stopping the rocket fire and the mortar fire into Israel.  That is the key, and that’s what Israel’s up to according to the prime minister.

[regarding an immediate cease-fire]

If the Hamas organization will agree and there is some degree of certainty that they will follow through.  They, in the past, have simply not lived up to what they said they would do.  If there’s a way of enforcing this cease-fire, then yes.  Otherwise, Israel has to continue till they stop the rockets and mortars coming into Israel, maiming, injuring……and killing Israelis.

Hamas has made it abundantly clear that peace with Israel is not an option leaving Israel with simply no choice but to end the 15 second situation through force.  .

“Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.”

“There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.

Do you remember those lines from the official Hamas covenant that first appeared here in a post regarding Hamas overthrowing the more peaceful Palestinian Fatah Party?  Peaceful in that they were willing to make a very unique, in the Middle East, step towards peace by accepting Israel’s right to exist as a nation.

Jeffrey Goldberg, for the Atlantic, just wrote regarding Nizzar Rayyan, the Hamas leader who was killed in an Israeli bombing raid last week.  He had interviewed him in Gaza a few years ago.

There was no flexibility with Rayyan. This is what he said when I asked him if he could envision a 50-year hudna (or cease-fire) with Israel: “The only reason to have a hudna is to prepare yourself for the final battle. We don’t need 50 years to prepare ourselves for the final battle with Israel.” There is no chance, he said, that true Islam would ever allow a Jewish state to survive in the Muslim Middle East. “Israel is an impossibility. It is an offense against God.”

…and it is true that Allah continually makes the Jews pay for their crimes in many different ways. They are a cursed people.”

“You are murderers of the prophets and you have closed your ears to the Messenger of Allah,” he said.

Here I am clapping again for Israel and their decision to put an end to the Hamas/Gaza situation.  Israel’s only intentions have been to live in peace without constant threat.  Hamas has always been very vocal about their intentions; they intend to kill Jews until there are no Jews left to kill.  Hamas are the radicals we speak of when we refer to radical Islam.  For example who knows that crucifixion is called for in the Qur’an?

5:33 Those who wage war against God and His Messenger and strive to spread corruption in the land should be punished by death, crucifixion, the amputation of an alternate hand and foot or banishment from the land: a disgrace for them in this world, and then a terrible punishment in the Hereafter, (The Qur’an, Oxford UP, 2004)

I don’t here a lot about crucifixion from middle of the road Islam, yet Hamas, just before Christmas, seemed to offer a reproof of their radicalism with their reinstatement of crucifixion as a punishment for offenses against God.  I suppose that would include offenses like Israel’s mere existence as Nizzar Rayyan mentioned.

Israel’s has endured years of the 15 second dash for life and only wants to bring this to an end to it so they can live peacefully in the Middle East.  Go ahead and read all the news, but if you find yourself opposing Israel’s recent actions, then please take 15 seconds and ask yourself why you would side with Hamas.

December 31, 2008

JWR: Is Israel Using ‘Disproportionate Force’

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Just the cold, hard facts.

Forward to those who want them — and need them

Israeli population centers in southern Israel have been the target of over 4,000 rockets, as well as thousands of mortar shells, fired by Hamas and other organizations since 2001. Rocket attacks increased by 500 percent after Israel withdrew completely from the Gaza Strip in August 2005. During an informal six-month lull, some 215 rockets were launched at Israel.

Read the rest at jewishworldreview.com 

As I said in yesterday’s post regarding Israel and Gaza, if we want peace in the middle east then we should be supporting Israel.  Yet, I still am reading in the news today that people around the world and even in our own backyard are protesting Israel in seeming support for Hamas.  Where have the protesters against Hamas been hanging out for the last 7 years as Israel was getting fired upon almost daily? 

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