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August 8, 2012

Low Voter Turnout

Yes, low voters as well as many Republicans turned out for yesterday’s primary election.  Sorry, couldn’t help myself.  Seriously though, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that there would be exceptionally low voter turnout.  Heck, I could have predicted it.  We had all the makings of an almost non-election, election.

First, we had sunny warm weather leading up to election day

Secondly, there were no important trigger issues like coal, gay marriage, red-light cameras, or state income tax

Next, the non-partisan races featured names that nobody recognizes and they can’t even fall back on party affiliation to help with decisions.  Flip-a-coin or don’t even bother to draw a line even if you completed the rest of your ballot.  Sorry Judicial races just aren’t exciting.

And finally, in representative races where candidates could declare party preference there was really only one viable conservative and one viable liberal candidate in each race,  so vote or not vote, it was pretty easy to guess which two people would advance to the general election.  And if you could already guess who would move on, then what was there to motivate anyone to fill out their ballot, let alone turn it in.

So really, at this point there is very little at stake as the ballots are counted in this election.  And as predicted turnout is very low at around 30% and no surprises are to be found.  In fact even writing this post about the primary is almost boring me to tears, and I would assume the same for you the reader so I’ve included this little clip to brighten things up before closing.

November will be quite different because we Americans will be choosing to retain our American way of life or trading away our success for a few empty promises and dismal socialist future.  That question alone will drive candidate races and that question alone will be the reason I predict we will have exceptional voter turnout come this fall.

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