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October 11, 2007

Still missing in our media

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post regarding our President’s view on health care financing being conspicuously missing in our media, while our Governor’s socialist views and program were readily available. I would claim media bias toward the left, but I just get tired of bringing that up every the paper comes or the news is read.

There is a swarm of issues surrounding this topic with lots of facts, claims of facts, rebuttals to facts, rebuttals to claims of facts, etc… Bottom line on this that if only one position is explained to the voters then that is the position that they will take. I’d be satisfied with the media if they presented all sides of the issue, even if they decided to endorse one side over the others.

The point of this post is to give you the other side, the portion that is still missing in our media. It is not missing because it is difficult to find or pin down, it is missing because of a decision not to report it. Huge amounts of missing information regarding the other side show up in my email on a regular basis. This cornucopia of information about Washington State health care and health insurance came in from our local State Representative Doug Ericksen. (more…)

October 9, 2007

Progressives in the air – update

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Just a quick little update to my Progressives in the air post from a few days ago. The Stranger ran a journal type article written by one of the Outside Agitators as the canvasser described her group in the title.

The residents of Lynden didn’t seem enamored with us. The mostly elderly voters took one look at me, in a lime-green hoodie sweatshirt and tight jeans, and seemed to go into “Say whatever it takes to get her to go away” mode. Zach didn’t fare much better in baggy camo pants and a snowboarding jacket. Some residents of a large housing development pretended not to be home when we knocked. Out of the 50 homes I went to, only one person seemed interested in learning more about Mann. I seemed to be experiencing the same disconnect that was prevalent in the Dean campaign—I was an obvious carpetbagger.

…judging by my day, I’m actually hoping Zach and I didn’t lose Mann any votes.

Outside Agitators

Even if it’s author, like the candidates don’t readily advertise their support by the Progressive Majority, the people of Lynden still seemed able to separate the wheat from the chaff. 1 out of 50 homes supporting Ken Mann sounds about right. That would leave the other 49 out of 50 homes supporting Sam Crawford.

10/16/07 – More about the Progressive Majority at Washington Eagle Forum  Progressive Majority: Influencing a campaign near you

Who will Bob Kelly represent?

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A simple question. Will he represent the average citizen of Whatcom County? Will he represent the interests of businesses that provide employment for the average person in Whatcom County?

Campaign contributions: $15,545.
Expenditures: $8,538.
Major contributors (top five): Stillaguamish Tribe ($2,500), Tulalip Tribes of Washington ($2,500), Upper Skagit Indian Tribe ($2,500), Lummi Indian Business Council ($1,000), Thomas Smitch Consulting Group ($1,000).
Major endorsements: Whatcom County Democrats, Progressive Majority, Bellingham Firefighters IAFF Local No. 106, Conservation Voters, Whatcom County Council member Dan McShane, Whatcom County Council member Laurie Caskey-Schreiber.


I don’t know why I asked this question. Well, yes actually I do. It is because there are still a lot of Whatcom County residents that feel Bob Kelly will represent their best interests, while given his funding base, I don’t think there is much  chance that he will.

October 7, 2007

3 solutions to ease traffic on Bakerview and Northwest

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Quite a while ago, I sent in my thoughts on solving a couple of traffic problems in Bellingham. Even though I live in Ferndale, I have a vested interest in the traffic problems surrounding the Bakerview & Northwest Ave I-5 access. Bakerview & I-5 is access to our bank, which doesn’t have a branch in Ferndale. Bakerview & I-5 is also the shortest route to Costco, Fred Meyers and Walmart. Obviously difficult traffic won’t encourage us to shop in Bellingham. Excessive traffic in Bellingham will just encourage businesses to pop up outside of Bellingham and before you know it, Bellingham will sprawl out to Ferndale. So here are the 3 solutions, 2 of which are depicted on the map and all of which require little or no money. (more…)

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