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Single family zoning

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

The over packed rental house issue downtown has been ever increasing in the local news. Dean Kahn asked yesterday, Should the city take a firm stand against college students who fill rental houses in single-family neighborhoods? I don’t live in Bellingham, but I have been both a landlord and a college student. My position, as I stated in the Herald comments is simple.

What an antagonizing way to word the question. No one should single out college students or any other group. The police or the authority having jurisdiction should enforce the law that is being broken. Period. That’s it.

Wally | Homepage | 09.25.07 – 2:05 pm | #

Herald, quit agitating the situation and city council start enforcing the rules or officially abandon them. See simple. You could try and bring a bunch of other factors into the mix to complicate things or make it personal, but it really just boils down to enforcement. No body has to look into anything, or change any rules, no committees or special meetings, just enforce existing rules.

Twilight Zoning in Bellingham has most of the information on this issue and Sam Taylor mentioned the blog in his article today Blogger wants zoning rules followed. Again a curious title, but not as agitating as Dean’s. The Blogger is not the only one that wants zoning rules followed.

Property managers should treat students better is an interesting read in the Western Front Online. Let’s not over react and end up banning students from neighborhoods altogether. Of course if that ban were never enforced it would matter much anywho.

Did I leave the room

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

No, I haven’t left the room. I’ve just been busy with work and doing a few home projects that I needed done before fall. I wish I had the time to comment on, let alone blast, Terry Bornemann’s and WPJC’s plan to update the Troops Home Resolution. It seems as if the Democrats big accomplishment for the Middle East is to leave. Or is it just liberal extremists and not all the Democrats who want to leave and not defend our nation.

I say that liberals and/or Democrats who oppose our defense and side with Islamic nations against us, are nothing but traitors. That’s it, traitors plain and simple. If they came up with a defensive plan other than no defense, I might reconsider my position.

Back page news

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

09-11-07 1239Do you find it odd that on 9/11/07 there was no frontpage 9/11 anniversary story in the Herald? Do you find it odd that instead, the front page was given to Democrats to impugn the integrity of Gen. Petraeus instead? Do you find it odd that the opinion piece of the day was Do anniversaries of tragedies matter while the only mention of the 9/11 was on A8, the back page. And even that article has political trappings.

Sadly I don’t find it to be that odd. From reading the Herald you can only come to the conclusion that our region is ashamed of being American. So ashamed in fact, that we won’t remember that we were attacked and that there are American soldiers fighting on several fronts to ensure that 9/11 is not a repeat performance.

I’m not going to line up with the rest of Whatcom county and ignore 9/11. And I won’t get in the apology line either. We were attacked by Islamic terrorists who did and still do derive support from Islamic nations and people around the world. We should be fighting for our nation in the name of all those who have died at the hands of Islamic terrorists; not cowering afraid to tell the story on the front page.


Thursday, September 6th, 2007

It’s been about a month since I wrote about the local Minuteman group not getting a Fair Shake by the State Human Rights Commission. Commissioner Marc Brenman has responded to the Minutemen’s request that he apologize for the hateful letter he penned for the Everett Herald. I didn’t have a lot of time to compose my thoughts on his response, so I’ll just hit a few points that caught my attention.

First point; if you dissect the lengthy response you will find that he did actually include an apology.

I appreciate your concern and willingness to discuss my recent op-ed published in the Everett Herald on June 15, 2007. I apologize for comparing the Minutemen to Nazis and Tim McVeigh. The Washington State Human Rights Commission looks forward to engaging with you and other Minutemen leaders in order to proactively address your concerns.

Perhaps part of the reason many people connect the Minutemen to unsavory characters and organizations is because people are unaware of, or do not understand, who the Minutemen represent.

I would like to invite you to meet me in the middle. Perhaps meeting on this border would provide us with an opportunity to better understand the other’s position, and to take proactive steps to foster a positive relationship among the diverse populations in Washington State.

So he apologized. He explained how it happened ie. “people are unaware of, or do not understand, who the Minutemen represent.” And he made an offer of future cooperation. Sounds a okay so far.

The second and much lower point is that he used Google hits rather than facts to justify his position on the MCDC.

Unfortunately, over 300,000 links surface on Google when the search term “MINUTEMEN, NAZI” is entered. Over 25,000 links are returned on the search “MINUTEMEN, McVEIGH.” The search returns represent a wide range of organizations and media, including and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I would say that unfortunately the hits would show as hits even if all 300,000 links stated that Minutemen are in no way related to Nazi’s nor McVEIGH. This sites gets hits all the time by people Googling “Islam” and yet I sit here not Islamic in the slightest. Google hits do not a person make.

And Islam prings me to another lower point.

In addition, we can also look to holy and sacred texts, as most major religions teach acceptance and diversity.

He goes on to quote from the Bible, the Torah and curiously the Qu’ran. Curious because it is not too often that you hear of Islam as the teachers of acceptance and diversity. Consider the lives of Jews, Christians, homosexuals, children or even women in Islamic nations. I don’t think we need our Human Rights Commission modeling anything after Islam.

And for the much much lower thing we find that Word lists the author of Marc Brenman’s letter as “Kirby, Seth (HUM)” and includes this tracking in the document title.

[[Draft 8/31/07 Kirby, edits 8/31/07 Brenman, corrections by Kirby 09-04-07]]

So I wonder if in fact Marc Brenman himself, actually penned the original letter to the Everett Herald or if it was Kirby, Seth ? But if Mr. Brenman himself had the time and ability to write his own Minuteman blasting letter to the Everett Herald, why couldn’t he take the time to write his own apology? My feeling is that if Marc Brenman were truly sorry, he would write his own apology with his own reasons for his mistake and make his apology as public as the offense.

So perhaps this wasn’t really an apology?? But I can reserve my judgment for a bit and see if this plays out in the media.