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Who will be next on the milk carton?

I sent an email to Rick Staeb, GM of Cascade Radio Group suggesting they communicate with their listeners about what’s going on at KGMI. First the mysterious and super secret new radio station. Next, Debbie Chavez disappears with all references to her existence erased like a cheap spy movie. Now Lynne Rainey? A lot of

Business Models

This poser came up in a conversation over the weekend. Which business model seems right for a  library system? Versus Sure there are a few details. But it all starts with which direction you point your camel.

Legislating immorality

I’ve started writing a post on legislating morality. The problem is though, that I’ve started writing it over and over again. In fact, just a few days ago while writing Right to Life, I started it over again after reading the opening of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. We hold these truths to be

What unreasonable people say

This post refers to a post at the Bellingham Herald Blog and addresses a few concerns about Doug Ericksen’s character that have been raised there by a local Democrat. The Herald blog post title is Local Rep. Doug Ericksen: Republicans will target Dems ‘culture of failure’. In the post, Sam Taylor simply stated that “42nd