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May 22, 2008

Conservative leanings

mccain and ellen I might fault Senator McCain for being a bit too moderate on some issues, but there will be no faulting him for being wimpy on all the conservative issues. 

How many candidates would sit down with Ellen DeGenres and reiterate their position against same sex marriage, especially on national TV. 

DeGeneres tried to sway McCain’s opinion by explaining to the senator that she views the issue in the same way as when blacks and women didn’t have the right to vote.

“Women just got the right to vote in 1920, and blacks didn’t have the right to vote until 1870,” she noted, adding, “It just feels like there’s this old way of thinking that we are not all the same. We are all the same . . . You’re no different than I am.”

“I’ve heard you articulate that position in a very eloquent fashion,” McCain countered. “I just believe in the unique status of marriage between man and woman, and I know that we have a respectful disagreement on that issue; and I along with many, many others wish you every happiness.”


No appeasement there, just strong, respectful, conservative and right.  John McCain will make a fine president.

May 18, 2008

Rejecting the Ferndale School District bond

Just now I completed the arrow on my ballot rejecting the $21 million dollar Ferndale School District bond. This proposition is not about salary and it is not about class sizes. This proposition is, as stated on the ballot, “This proposition authorizes the District to acquire, construct and equip replacement schools…” And quite simply, the school district hasn’t convinced me that they have weighed all options and found the most economical solution to the school structure situation.

And I have no trust in them after they have diverting tax money collected for repair into a new building scheme. Why was a million dollars spent on exploring new building options, when we approved the tax money for repairs? What did that million buy us? Is there a low estimate for basic building and a high estimate for a fully optioned school? Why don’t we hear about Option 1, that simply fixes the problems at Custer within the already approved budget? Without voter trust, the burden of proof is on the school district. I haven’t seen the proof.

What I have seen, is how high taxes contribute to poorly educated and poorly behaved children. I don’t think you have to dig very far to find out that kids who have a two parent family and kids who have at least one parent at home, are better behaved and do better in school. What I have also seen is how our ever increasing tax burden helps push parents to work more just to make ends meet. And money problems continue to rank high as a cause for marriage break ups.

I think that everyone has heard that education starts at home, or the more modern version where a positive, healthy learning environment starts at home; I’d like the school districts and voters to seriously consider the impact of taxes on our home. High taxes hurt our children’s education.

*** Monday update: I received a Vote Yes! postcard from the Ferndale School District Bond/Levy Committee. It wasn’t that taxes were spent to advertise for more tax money that bothered me the most. What bothered me the most was the incredible lack of concern about the tax burden that we endure. On the postcard back I read:

Give us overdue matching $

$9.2 million matching funds will be provided by the state which we won’t get unless the bond passes. That pays for 27% of the total cost of the projects in the bond. We must pass the bond to get this money.

Hey Ferndale School District! Those matching funds are taxes too! You can slice it and dice it anyway you choose, but the money still comes out of our pockets!

May 17, 2008



Miles XS500

A quick follow up to Peak oil doom and gloom is that both the manufacturer of the no pizazz ZX40 electric wagon and the high pizazz Tesla, are both working on a more mainstream sedan.  From opposite ends of the spectrum, they both recognize the mass market.  Miles is working on the XS500 sedan targeting 120+ range with an 80mph top speed, while Tesla is holding there cards a bit closer. 

We consciously chose to develop a high-end sports car as our first car in order to develop the “performance DNA” from which we could create other electric vehicles. Our next model will leverage the Tesla Roadster‘s technology, resulting in a less expensive sports sedan that we can sell at higher volume. Tesla Motors

April 30, 2008

Senator Obama – Muslim, Christian, or what?

One of the great things about our nation is that every so often we get a chance to elect like valued people into public office. One of the not so great things is trying to sort their perceived values, from their true values and sort campaign rhetoric, from what are sometimes just outright lies. I don’t necessarily choose a person solely on their faith, but a person’s faith and how sincere they are in their following of that faith can help predict how a person will carry themselves once elected. After all, when the big decisions are made behind closed doors, only God will be watching and I want elected officials who care about what God thinks.

I wrote a post a while back titled Governor Gregoire – Catholic, Christian, or what? because her faith claims and her actions were not in sync. For instance, as a self proclaimed follower of the Catholic faith I would expect her to be pro-life, but her actions as Governor said different. If I had voted for her based on an assumption that she, as a Catholic, would be pro-life, I would be sorely disappointed.

So what of Barrack Obama? I think it’s a stretch to believe some of the stories of Senator Obama being a secret “sleeper Muslim” based on his early childhood and his father’s religious affiliations. I spent quite a few years in an LDS church growing up, yet I am not a obamaMormon. And his very loose affiliations with the Nation of Islam doesn’t make him a Muslim either. Some would argue that even devout members of the Nation of Islam are not really Muslim. So, there really isn’t much to traction for the secret Muslim conspiracy.

But is there anymore traction for believing that he is a Christian? You don’t have to do much Googling to find those who treat him as if he were a messiah and he apparently has attended a Christian church for the past two decades and enjoys a strong relationship with his pastor; but is he a Christian? First, I’ll admit that the ultimate answer to that question rests with Christ and certainly not I, but I do think we voters have a right to consider the state of a candidate’s faith.

So continuing to consider the Christian faith of Barrack Obama, let’s consider his words.

During a campaign stop yesterday in Greensboro, North Carolina, Senator Obama told the audience that he believes he “can have everlasting life” because Jesus Christ died for his sins. But he then told a questioner that he believes Jews and Muslims who live moral lives are just as much “children of God” as he is.

The Illinois Democrat added that his late mother didn’t share his faith but was a kind and generous person, so he’s “sure she’s in heaven.”


OK, I’ve considered his words and have one very gigantic concern. Mr. Obama is obviously claiming that he is a Christian and then following with several statements indicating that he really does not understand Christianity. In John 14:6 Christ said very plainly:

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

The tough love is that you don’t get to heaven on kindness and generosity alone, you don’t get there by being a “moral” Jew, nor a “moral” Muslim and of course you can’t get there on roller skates. You must become a follower of Christ and you must choose to follow him on the narrow road.

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. “

Contradicting God’s word, Senator Obama is claiming that the wide gate and the broad road, lead to heaven. It’s my feeling that Sen. Obama is either using false doctrine to gain support in this election, or he is espousing false doctrine because he really doesn’t understand Christianity. I prefer to believe it is his lack of understanding. And this seems quite likely given that his church of the last 20 years, Trinity United Church of Christ, seems confused as to whether they are joined by skin color or by faith in Christ. But if Sen. Obama and/or Rev. Wright are putting forth false doctrine for their own gain, then I pray they would take a glance at this small verse.

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
(Mark 8:36 KJV)

And I hope that for the sake of those who look to them for leadership, that they would put Christ’s full message at the forefront of their life and ministry.

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