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Shock Jocks at the Bellingham Herald

Monday, July 25th, 2011

This just came in the mail today and I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I was taken in by the Shock Jocks at the Herald.   It’s been a full 3 weeks since the fire, but suspected fireworks damage is still sensational enough to rank high on the Shocko-meter.

While I’m embarrassed I fell for it, I’d hope the Herald, who I think still believes they are in the news business, would be embarrassed themselves for trying to pass this off as a news article in order to sell ad space.   This fire caused enough damage to shutdown the tracks and could have caused a serious train derailment, but the real story was 3 weeks ago and today’s shock version contained no new information about the fire.  Nor did it contain any follow up or even mention of the more recent incident nearby the fire where enough spikes were mysteriously removed from the tracks to again derail a train.

With such a recent focus on train safety through Bellingham as it relates to the proposed GateWay Terminal, I think that Shock Jock stuff like this actually does a disservice by minimizing real news events.