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March 13, 2012


You know how the saying goes, “With Friends Like this, Who Needs Enemies” and that also happens to be the name of a very enlightening post over a the Whacom Excavator.   They talk about a very scary situation that is being created all over our nation.  The situation is that our taxes are being used to fund Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs’)  that are essentially unregulated civilian eco-police who roam the countryside filing real complaints on anyone they see fit to complain about.

You know we’ve got a long list of control obsessed friends here in Whatcom County, like ReSources “Baykeeper,” those city-livin’ “Farm Friends,” east county’s “Kendall Watch” with a busy-body blight squad, and our positively unhinged self-appointed planning police who are devoted to stopping as much rural land use as possible with boots firmly planted on County Council’s neck.

I linked to their post and to a follow up post at the Freedom Foundation because people need to know that this is a very critical situation.  Check these two videos which shed light on the power that NGOs’ can have to make peoples lives miserable and also the kind of arrogance and attitude that is evident  in their typical leadership.  

And if you think this won’t happen here, think again.  It took Google and I about 5 seconds to find out that the Stephanie Buffum, who is gaining infamy in this case, was also a presenter at a Shoreline Protection workshop attended by at least two people from Whatcom County.    I don’t know that this makes the Whatcom County guys as bad as she is bad, but it certainly doesn’t make them look good either.

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