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Why those dirty little mud slingers

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

rudolph Well we’ve all seen Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by now.   Who can forget how that little hero from the North eventually guided Santa’s sleigh through the worst storm ever to hit Christmas Town.  But do you recall how this most famous reindeer of all was treated by his father Donner?  Well Ol’ Donner hoofed up a bit of mucky mud and slung it over Rudolph’s shiny red nose.

You see, he didn’t want Rudolph to stand out amongst the other reindeer and at least initially couldn’t appreciate Rudolph for who he was and the many talent’s he had.  But Donner wasn’t alone.  Even though Rudolph did some fancy flying when Clarice said he was cute; once the mud came off his nose and others saw he was not like them; Rudolph was cast out and not allowed to play in any reindeer games.

What a great story. So great in fact, that conservative opposition and the skate by media are working on a remake. When they first laid eyes on Sarah, the first thing they did was scoop up a hoof full of mud and slung it directly at her nose. And they did it quick because they didn’t want to risk anyone seeing her as different. A strong Christian candidate with family values and an America first attitude; no, they were going to put some mud on her nose and hope she would fade into the herd. For Santa sake, they can’t going to let her join in any reindeer games.

But what I’m finding is that just like Rudolph’s nose, the mud ain’t sticking and the blooming beacon is still cutting through the storm. Here is what I’m seeing.

Slung Mud Shiny nose underneath
“Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency,” said Obama spox Bill Burton. Everyone is a former something it seems a pretty logical progression to lead a town, then lead a state, and now to be second in command of our nation.
The second bit of shine on the subject of experience is that seniority is only equivalent to experience in government and union jobs. It’s not about the years of service, it’s about what you do with those years; are you just present, or are you really serving the public. Even for the big chair, I would vote Sarah over Oprah’s buddy in a heart beat.
She’s preaching abstinence and yet her teenage daughter is pregnant. What a hypocrite! Part of the whole abstinence thought that is rarely brought up by the mudslingers, is that abstinence is really about being personally responsible for your own actions. And while pro-abortionists may view having a “procedure” as the only potential consequence of sex, those who respect life know that if they conceive a child, then they are going to be parenting that child.

Everyday, people fail to live up to the best of their potential. We fall short. It should be no surprise to anyone. I applaud Sarah for raising a daughter who will own up to her actions. I applaud the Palin family and the child’s father for supporting the right decision in keeping the child alive.

She’s a bad mother because she is willing to neglect her infant in order gain the VP job. Even though it seems clearly to be just an attack, I’ve got to somewhat agree with the logic of this argument. The better family situation is one with two parents and at least one of the two taking care of the children.

Given everything I’ve read and heard about Sarah, I don’t picture her as someone who would sacrifice their child’s well being for any amount of fame or fortune.

Could things be worse for a child in the White House? Sure, your dad could be named Bill. Be sure to knock.

Bad mother will neglect her Down’s infant for VP job Her and her husband could have had the baby killing “procedure” like most who find themselves in the Palin’s situation, but they took the responsible route. What a great testament Sarah is for anyone having trouble submitting to God’s will. And then treating His will as a blessing rather than a burden.

And with the opposition advocating death or worse for unborn children, don’t they seem a bit nervy to even comment on the quality of life differences between mom the governor vs. mom the VP? Heck even at the North Pole, the less than desirables were not killed, they were just shipped off to the Island of Misfit toys.

What a shining example Sarah is for all potential parents.

She is a bible thumping Christian who even wants creation taught in school Well from a friend whose daughter attends church with the Palins, I hear that she is the real deal Christian, not an Oprah Christian and not a GD America type either.

And well wouldn’t it be nice if all theories of creation were taught in school, or even allowed in school. Way to stick to your

Asked on a questionnaire about her support for abstinence-until-marriage education instead of explicit sex-education, school-based clinics and distribution of contraceptives in schools, she wrote: “The explicit sex-ed programs will not find my support.” In most states including ours “explicit sex-ed programs” teach a lot of things that until recently society deemed deviant.

Way to go Sarah, I think you’ll find there are a lot of people who don’t don’t think we should support these programs either.

According to postings on Daily Kos, Sarah Palin allegedly faked a pregnancy and pretended to give birth in April to Trig, who has Down syndrome.

In a posting Sunday, Daily Kos said, “Sarah needs to honestly answer for her lies – promptly.”

She’s maintained her posture and presence during this kind of ridiculous allegations. What’s not to like about that?
Sarah Palin just got her US passport 6 months ago!!! My Children have used their passports more than she has. McCain must have really been desperate. Bye Bye Republicans!! Well as it turns out it was a bit over a year ago when she got it so she could visit Alaskan Guard units in the middle east as well as visiting hospital in Germany. You know, the hospital that the audacious candidate skipped to go shopping, while on a campaign tour. I think it speaks volumes about Sarah, that she the trip a year before the audacious candidate, and she made the trip out of concern for Alaskans not concern for votes.
the Alaska Legislature last month voted to hire an independent investigator to look into allegations that Palin abused her office by trying to get her former brother-in-law fired from his job as an Alaska state trooper. Palin has said she welcomes the investigation: “Hold me accountable,” she said.

You gotta love and respect someone with her values who actually stands up for themselves.

Remember how Rudolph, not caring what might happen to him, charged the Abomidinableable to save his loved ones. I can’t wait for Sarah to put her horns down and stomp her foot. And apparently she does have horns, because I heard some progressive on 930 AM refer to her as Caribou Barbie.