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June 9, 2010

Don’t Panic!

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I know I read this in the paper also and then it was on the radio and on Facebook, and on KGMI’s website and on Facebook again

Local governments in Whatcom County reacted with shock Tuesday, June 8, to an announcement from the Washington Department of Revenue that British Columbia residents will soon be entitled to an exemption from state and local sales taxes on merchandise.

Read more: Bellingham Herald

Local governments reacting with shock?  Pooey.   Relax, there is absolutely no reason to worry. 

I’m not in shock and my feet are not elevated above my head.  I know that our state and much of local governments are both well equipped and well practiced at the art of taxing the bejesus out of anyone with a penny in their pocket.  After all, we live in the state with $30 tabs don’t we?   Let’s see, how many miles will they drive on our roads?  How many people are in their car?  Is their car a gas guzzler?  Impact fee for getting out of their car at Bellis Fair?  Additional impact fees for large people?  Our legislatures will do their magic and before we know it they’ll be getting more than ever from the Canadians and if they’re worth their salt they’ll manage to take more from us and blame it on the Canadians.   

And the Herald article points out that “The Whatcom Transportation Authority might feel the most pain,”   so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a  0.2% tax on all Canadians who stop and look at what pretty buses they have running around the Transportation Benefit District ;).

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