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June 1, 2012

Hey Look! That One is Way Ahead!

debt2I’ve seen a “Who Increased The Debt?” chart here and there around the net and on more than one Facebook post, so odds are you’ve come across it or one of it’s variations.  I also think that I hear Joe Teehan allude to these same figures somewhat regularly on the KGMI Morning Show.

Through one of the Facebook links I located this copy of the chart on the right at Politcususa which is a self described liberal politics blog.  With the title Politicausa centered between images of  self-proclaimed  socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and by most accounts socialist President Obama, I had no doubt that the “facts” on the site were skewed to the left.

I wasn’t really sure how far left and exactly what actual information they were skewing so I had a look see.  It turns out that Snopes already had a go at the chart six months ago and they had deemed the Who Increased the Debt chart a mixture of truth and fiction.  What they actually determined was that the chart was probably based on accurate information (as of April 2011) just not well represented or of any use.

“So, as far as raw numbers go, the chart is reasonably accurate…

The chart isn’t a true comparison of equals…

the increase reported for Barack Obama will be considerably higher by the time he leaves office.”

Snopes bottomline really says all that anyone needs to know about the Who Increased the Debt chart,

All in all, this is a case of relatively accurate information which is of marginal value due to the lack of proper comparative context

Alternative debt analysis1Being of marginal value hasn’t stopped Barack Obama supporters from spreading it around the net though.  Apparently it is of some value to them if they get enough people like Joe Teehan to pass along the misinformation as truth.  And we all know that lies become truth if you hear them enough. Way to go Joe!

So as not to make this blog post just a negative commentary or a repost of a Snopes post, I thought I would add a couple of charts of my own that actually contain proper comparative context.  I used the same data, but I didn’t compare apples to oranges nor mush and manipulate the numbers into a chart where I tell you who is at fault in our national debt problem.  Instead,  I just charted the hard numbers, dollars vs. time.


Alternative debt analysis 2Anyone with out a preconceived agenda will probably agree with my 9-year old, who when seeing the charts proclaimed, “Hey look! That one is way ahead!” as he pointed to the Barack Obama spending line.  How do you disagree with that?   If spending taxpayer money were a race, President Obama is clearly in the lead.

My charts don’t bode well for a sitting President seeking a second term in office.  It would be one thing to spend this much money if our economy were booming, but it isn’t.   It would be another thing if this outrageous level of spending were actually kicking our economy into overdrive, but it isn’t.  Frankly I can’t see anything positive coming from this level of spending nor the Obama Administration in general.

And President Obama is asking us to offer him 4 more years of spending?  I don’t think we can take it.


And what about all the probamas who blame President Bush for much of President Obama’s early term spending?   I say sure, there is always some carryover spending from one administration to another, but don’t tell me that President Obama and his administration don’t have a spending problem when they couldn’t even wait to take office to start spending.

UPDATE on November 10, 2008 at 7:15 PM EST:
A source tells NBC News that Obama pushed Bush on an economic stimulus package, saying that action is needed now, not after the inauguration:

According to the source, Obama told Bush that action is needed on a stimulus package now – in a lame duck session – and cannot wait until after the inauguration.
Obama also urged help for automakers and encouraged the acceleration of the disbursement of $25 billion dollars for the industry.

On his third focus – housing – Obama voiced his concern that homeowners whose mortgage rates are about to go up will need aid to prevent more Americans from defaulting on home loans.


And another,

President-elect Barack Obama asked President Bush today to request the release of the second $350 billion in federal bailout funds so he would have “ammunition” if the country’s fragile economy weakened further.The White House said that Bush has agreed to request the money.
Obama, speaking after a meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, said it would be “irresponsible” to enter the White House without having asked Bush to request the funds. He called the cash “potential ammunition” in case the economy worsened.
Bush to Ask for TARP; Obama to ‘Rebrand’ It

By MARK MOONEYJan. 12. 2009

President Obama: The Abortion President



Wanted to share this link about a man who also goes by the name “Food Stamp President”

“It didn’t take long. Just hours after Planned Parenthood endorsed President Obama and launched an attack ad campaign against GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, the White House stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Planned Parenthood…”  Read More at American Center for Law and Justice ACLJ

via President Obama: The Abortion President | Planned Parenthood, American Center for Law and Justice ACLJ.

March 8, 2012

Yes, the Green Stuff

Branco CartoonIf you don’t  follow Political Cartoonist A.F.Branco’s work on Facebook then you are missing out on some great art and satire.  His cartoons, like the one on the right from a few days ago, always seem to have the right balance between ironic bite and humor.    But if you want a political cartoon to be funny it takes more than a talented cartoonist, the reader has to also know what the heck the picture is all about.  That was the problem I had when I saw a  solar powered 747 trying to crash land in algae.  I didn’t really think it was that funny because I hadn’t heard anything about the President Obama/Newt Gingrich algae thing.

So I Googled “algae” so I could try and reclaim some funny and that’s where I got the scoop on the whole Newt trying to make his own funny out of what President Obama had said.

The President said we have to be practical. Drilling won’t solve it. And then he offered his practical solution. Anybody here remember what it was?  Algae. Algae. I mean I think this summer as gas prices keep going up, one of our campaign techniques should be to go to gas stations with jar of algae and say to people would you rather have the Gingrich solution of drilling and having more oil or would you like to try to put this in your gas tank. I’m amazed that SNL hasn’t taken that speech and turned that into a skit.

Gingrich Ruthlessly Mocks Obama’s “Algae” Energy Policy

Ok, so I had to admit that what Newt said sounded funny and it succeeded in making the solar airplane funny and so I was hoping for a little more funny when I sought out what it was that President Obama actually said it.

We’re making new investments in the development of gasoline and diesel and jet fuel that’s actually made from a plant-like substance — algae.  You’ve got a bunch of algae out here, right? (Laughter.)  If we can figure out how to make energy out of that, we’ll be doing all right.

Ok, well I wasn’t there, but it didn’t really sound that funny.  In fact it sounded a little condescending when he tried to explain that algae is a “plant-like substance.”   And it even made him sound a little dim since algae is not a “plant-like substance,” it actually is a plant.  And I didn’t really think it was funny that he thinks “we’ll be doing all right” if we can figure out how to make energy from algae.  What arrogance from a man to treat American’s like we all all some sort of hicks.  And when I read that the Department of Energy had made $14 million of taxpayer dollars available to support research and development of biofuels produced from algae…well I didn’t find that funny either.

I don’t really find much humor at all in government spending our money to research a process that  privately held businesses have already been investing in for years.  I brought algae here previously in a post titled Energy where I wrote how privateers from the dreaded big oil industry had aligned with visionary capitalists like Bill Gates to explore the potential of algae as a renewable fuel resource.

Bill Gates’ investment firm is funding Sapphire Energy, a company that intends to make auto fuel from algae. Sapphire Energy said Wednesday that a series B round will bring the total amount it has raised to more than $100 million.

The Energy post was from a couple of years ago and oddly enough, when I checked back now I found that Sapphire Energy is still alive, well and progressing towards viable commercial products as opposed to the fate of propped up heavily government funded companies like Solyndra.

As I have said many times, capitalism is the answer to our energy needs.

According to Environmental News Network Algae could yield more than 2000 gallons of fuel per acre per year as opposed to corn which they estimate at only 250 gallons per acre per year.  Algae also can be grown using land and water that isn’t suitable for other uses, so good land is still available for food crops.   Petrosun with another ex-big oil CEO, is a leader in algae based biodiesel and they describe the benefits in a little more detail.

Extensive research was conducted to determine the utilization of microalgae as an energy source, with applications being developed for biodiesel, ethanol, and bioplastics. Independent studies have demonstrated that algae is capable of producing in excess of 30 times more oil per acre than corn and soybean crops. Biodiesel produced from algae contains no sulfur, is non-toxic and highly biodegradable.
One of the biggest advantages of biodiesel compared to many other alternative transportation fuels is that it can be used in existing diesel engines, which relieves manufacturers of having to make costly engine modifications. Biodiesel can also be mixed, at any ratio, with conventional petroleum diesel. As a result, the alternative fuel can be used in the current distribution infrastructure, replacing petroleum diesel either wholly, or as a diesel fuel blend with minimal integration costs.

So really how funny is a commercially viable sustainable energy source that pulls CO2 back out of the atmosphere and can be used in existing vehicles and distributed in existing infrastructure?  Not really the rolling on floor laughing kind of funny is it?   It’s more like the, oh it kind of makes me look stupid for laughing funny.    I wonder if either Mr. Gingrich or Mr. Obama have gotten that yet?

We’re coming down to the end of of the road in the selection process for a conservative presidential candidate and I keep hearing how Newt Gingrich is such a brain,  but in this case he’s looking a little foolish next to the already foolish looking President Obama.  And yes it hurt to say that, but not as much as you might think because I am cheering for Mitt Romney.

March 11, 2011

Media Malpractice: the movie

I think any reader of this blog knows that I don’t believe we elected the best person during our last election.  So here we are today halfway through President Obama’s  term with talk of his reelection beginning to ramp up.  I’m guessing there are a lot of very disappointed Barack Obama supporters wondering what happened?   

Well media manipulation prompted by themselves, savvy campaigns, or both is what happened.

If you were intrigued by that little teaser, it’s worth taking a look at a complete documentary about media influences so that you can put your skeptic hat on as we once again approach elections.  If you have a Netflix account  Media Malpractice by John Zeigler is a full length in depth documentary currently on their Watch Instantly list, or there is more about the video and it’s production at Media Malpractice.

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