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Another opportunity

Many have referred to this nation as the land of opportunity, so in honor of that I’d like to thank the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) for posting another opportunity. For those of you who tout that all religions are the same and all should be celebrated and included; you now have an opportunity […]

Random Celebrity Guy?

No, It’ just Bill Clinton Oh, but she sees him…   There’s that Random Celebrity Guy. Sorry for the confusion. –


After the 1st Ferndale police car went by we said it might be a J-walker, but after the 2nd car went by we said it was a felony J-walker they were after. Then the 6 year old asked what a J-walker was and we had nothing to say. According to historian Peter D. Norton, the […]

Coffee and baseball

For myself, these two are not kissing cousins. In fact they bear no relation what so ever. My wife would say I am obsessed with coffee and I’m okay with being categorized as obsessed rather than addicted or something with a real negative feel to it. I don’t know enough to be an aficionado, but […]

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