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February 13, 2008

Another opportunity

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rabbit.jpgMany have referred to this nation as the land of opportunity, so in honor of that I’d like to thank the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) for posting another opportunity.

For those of you who tout that all religions are the same and all should be celebrated and included; you now have an opportunity to explain how the Islamic religion of this bunny, seen on a Palestine kids show, should be celebrated and included. Here’s a bit of the conversation between kindergarden age children and Assud the bunny:

Saraa Barhoum: “Of course, Assud. We will liberate Al-Aqsa from the filth of those Zionists.”

“I, Assud, Will Get Rid of the Jews, Allah Willing, and I Will Eat Them Up”

Saraa Barhoum [to girl in the audience]: “Is there anything you want to share with us?”

Girl: “Arnoub [‘Rabbit’]?”

Saraa Barhoum “His name is Assud [‘Lion’].”

Girl: “How come you are called Assud, even though you look like a rabbit?”

Assud: “Because a rabbit is not good. He’s a coward. But I, Assud, will get rid of the Jews, Allah willing, and I will eat them up, Allah willing, right?”

Saraa Barhoum: “Allah willing.”

I have to admit that I might be sheltered, because my boys never come home from Sunday school having learned about “the filth of Zionists.” nor the eating those who don’t share our faith. They continually come home with love, self-sacrifice, and compassion; lame stuff like that.

So, with the sentiment that all religions are the same and should be included, I wonder if someone can point me at all the local places of worship, here in Whatcom County, that are preaching the killer rabbit doctrine or at least an equivalent message? I’d like to include them…..in an email to the FBI!

January 4, 2008

Random Celebrity Guy?

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No, It’ just Bill Clinton


Oh, but she sees him…



There’s that Random Celebrity Guy.

Sorry for the confusion.

December 29, 2007


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After the 1st Ferndale police car went by we said it might be a J-walker, but after the 2nd car went by we said it was a felony J-walker they were after. Then the 6 year old asked what a J-walker was and we had nothing to say.

According to historian Peter D. Norton, the earliest known use of the word jaywalker in print was in the Chicago Tribune in 1909. The term’s dissemination was due in part to a deliberate effort by promoters of automobiles to redefine streets as places where pedestrians do not belong.[2] It is a compound word of the words jay and walk; in this context, jay is used in the obsolete slang sense, referring to a stupid or dull person, or a rube, i.e. someone from a rural area and not familiar with “city ways.” At the time, vehicles and traffic signals were a new concept, gaining popularity in the larger cities, so this term would have been used to describe newcomers who were unfamiliar with these recent developments and by extension, to ridicule people who behaved like newcomers but should have known better. wikipedia

Would that make us county folk “jays” because we don’t understand the ways of all you intelligent citified peeps from Bellingham?

December 19, 2007

Coffee and baseball

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cafe_breve.jpgFor myself, these two are not kissing cousins. In fact they bear no relation what so ever. My wife would say I am obsessed with coffee and I’m okay with being categorized as obsessed rather than addicted or something with a real negative feel to it. I don’t know enough to be an aficionado, but I can try. And try I do! But baseball? My baseball knowledge peaked in Jr. High PE class and has waned since. That cool chart on the right is of a two-seamed fastball…or so it’s labeled. And I haven’t the faintest idea if it is or is not. And don’t really give a hoot.
two_seam_fastball.jpgA while back I ran across a site, Lokesh Dhakar, with some neat graphics that explain a few common coffee drinks (and pitches). Nothing too fufu. Just coffee and cow milk combinations. I commented on the absence of the luscious coffee breve, which has since been added to the chart. I don’t know how many people realize that Starbucks switched their lattes from whole milk to 2% milk? Well the breve is sort of the opposite direction. It’s a latte where the milk is dropped in favor of half & half. It’s the special latte for outside the Christmas season, where of course, the eggnog latte is the ruler.

I consistently get people popping by from the site that mixes coffee, baseball, graphics, etc. for an interesting mix of topics. Lokesh Dhakar

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