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November 17, 2009

10 reasons to leave Iraq

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LeavingLasVegasIt’s time we all embrace a little change, therefore I who supported President Bush’s leadership in our nation’s defense, have reconsidered our situation in Iraq.

10 reasons to leave Iraq.

  1. If President Obama won’t follow the recommendations of generals in Iraq, then we are no longer in the war with the intent to complete our mission.  American’s are dying without purpose.  Time to leave Iraq.
  2. Captured enemy combatants have proven to be non-returnable, so they will either need to be held indefinitely in our prisons or tried in our civil courts and either convicted or released to walk freely amongst us.  Our military in Iraq is very good at rooting out terrorist, so the longer they stay there the more terrorists we bring home.  We’ve already got enough Islamic extremist, we don’t need to import any more.  Time to leave Iraq.
  3. Americans in Iraq are in range of a soon to be nuclear armed Iran.  If we won’t commit to stopping Iran from developing nuclear arms then our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are in danger.  Time to get out of range; time to leave Iraq.
  4. Iran and Iraq are easily confused.  One big Iran would be much less confusing, especially to school children.  Do it for the children; do leave Iraq.
  5. Our President Obama has made it a national goal to leave Iraq.  Continuing to spend money on actions that are not aimed at achieving the goals of our nation is just so much more wasteful spending.  Time to cut wasteful spending; time to leave Iraq.
  6. As long as we stay in the Middle East, it is very unlikely that Israel will o’bombacare the Middle East problem.  Time to clear the area; time to leave Iraq.
  7. Our troops are there day in and day out rebuilding Iraq’s infrastructure.  What about employment justice for the Iraqi people.  What gives our soldiers the right to take living wage jobs away from the Iraqi people.  Time to quit helping; time to leave Iraq.
  8. US troops providing education, medical, and basic infrastructure assistance will help the Iraqis improve their own lives and is a very effective way to show good will between our different cultures.  But the different factions within Iraq are the ones who need to show good will towards each other’s cultures.  Time for us to get out of their way; time to leave Iraq.
  9. Has anyone considered the airfare and shipping costs to bring our troops home.  The more troops we send, the more it will cost to bring them home.   And after the worlds most expensive and wasteful healthcare system kicks in we may not be able to bring the troops home at all!  Time to leave Iraq while we can still afford to.
  10. Our nation is in the midst of socialist revolution, a government takeover of our liberty, rights and freedoms.  If our socialist transition is to succeed in the vein of Cuba, China, and USSR then President Obama will need his military here at home to put down resistance from all the backwards thinking, gun clinging, freedom loving Americans.  Time to put the troops to work at home; time to leave Iraq.
  11. How can President Obama apologize for what we’ve done in Iraq, while we are still there doing it?

Yes, there were 11 reasons on my list of 10 because as we are being taught, with socialism it is possible to get more than you give as long as you take more than is right from someone else.  Yes, one of Wally’s reasons was redistributed from someone who I felt had too many reason to leave Iraq.

July 8, 2009

George Bush Motorway

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gbmPresident Obama is on world tour with a stop this coming weekend in Ghana.  In an interview with reporters from allAfrica.com he explained why Ghana is the first stop on his visit to sub-Saharan Africa.

Well, part of the reason is because Ghana has now undergone a couple of successful elections in which power was transferred peacefully, even a very close election. I think that the new president, President Mills, has shown himself committed to the rule of law, to the kinds of democratic commitments that ensure stability in a country. And I think that there is a direct correlation between governance and prosperity.

President Obama goes onto use the word governance several more times in the interview

And so, by traveling to Ghana, we hope to highlight the effective governance that they have in place.

… and we think that Africa – the African continent is a place of extraordinary promise as well as challenges. We’re not going to be able to fulfill those promises unless we see better governance.

Well, a couple of points I would make. Number one, you’re not going to get investment without good governance.

Mr. Obama, trust me we get it.  You, and apparently those who voted for you, feel that prosperity is some how allowed by or flows from government.  And with a Democratic Party Congress, you’ve been able  in your first 6 months in office, to apply more governance to every portion of our lives and economy, and in manwich size portions no less.  So why are we not rolling in prosperity?  Is it right around the corner and we are just too impatient?  Right…I wouldn’t bet on that.  Socialism doesn’t have a very good track record of prosperity.

Say, while you are in Ghana, you may want to flip around the agenda and ask them what it takes to bring prosperity to a nation.  We seem to need help, and they seem to be going the right direction.  Reach across the aisle, extend an ear, they have some good ideas.  Last fall President Kufuor of Ghana visited then President Bush and in his address he mentioned governance as you did, but he also mentioned one extremely important detail that you, my president seem to have missed.

Mr. President, I scheduled this state visit to celebrate the enduring strength of my government, which is our commitment to the practice of good governance, respect for human rights, the rule of law, the different culture of democracy, and promotion of the private sector to become the main engine of economic growth. These principles have gained for Ghana international recognition as a stable and transparent nation, attractive for increased economic investments and activities — and that translates into general improvements in the lives of her people.

Did everyone catch it?  No?  Here it is again.

… and promotion of the private sector to become the main engine of economic growth.

We used to be like that.  We used to have a private sector as the main engine of economic growth.  Our government used to be less of an owner/partner and more of a promoter.   However, over several decades increased government involvement has turned our economic growth to economic decline.  Again, socialism does not lead to prosperity.

So really, seriously, Mr. President listen.  We won’t survive, let alone prosper on the path you are leading us down.  If you won’t take to heart the significant roll that individual liberty and capitalism has in prosperity, then at least ask yourself if it is a lack of audacity or mere arrogance that is standing in your way.


Here’s a great little Ghanian/US tangent.

Last fall, Rick Warren gave credit when credit was due in the form of a peace award for President Bush, an award I felt was well deserved.  I know that giving President Bush credit for anything positive is a radical notion, yet if you cotton up your ears to the left an left leaning media, all of the sudden there are positive things all around.  We just don’t hear about them.

So listen up to another portion of  President Kufuor’s address to President and Mrs. Bush

… The African Education Initiative, which Mrs. Bush is sponsoring by donating books and other educational resources to promote literacy among the youth of my country. (Applause.)

The African Financial Sector Initiative which avails to Ghana access to the U.S. Ex-Im Bank and OPIC. The President’s Malaria Initiative, which is helping many nations on the continent of Africa, including Ghana, in our fight against perhaps the biggest killer disease on the continent of Africa. Then President Bush’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief which has dramatically increased financial resources to Ghana and other afflicted countries in the fight against the pandemic. (Applause.)

These are only some of the great benefits to Ghana and some other African countries, which can only be described as your humanitarian policies to Africa, Mr. President.

When was the last time you read anything in American press about the humanitarian George Bush?

And how about this little piece of trivia.

A strategic road in the capital city, Accra has been named after the President of the United States of America, George Walker Bush.

President John Agyekum Kufuor, who announced his government’s decision on Wednesday at a state banquet in honour of President Bush and his wife Laura, said the gesture was in appreciation of the contributions of the US President to the development of Ghana and other parts of Africa.

George Bush Motorway

Some got a little chuckle from Ferndale Mayor Gary Jensen’s joke comment about renaming 2nd Street in honor of President Obama if he were to visit our town.   Wally wonders what route President Obama will take traveling through Ghana’s capital. :)

By the way, the street formerly known as 2nd avenue would become dead to me.

March 20, 2009

I pledge my allegiance to…….?

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AT “A sitting President of the United States is “organizing a political organization loyal to him, bound by a pledge, outside the government and existing party apparatus. The historical precedents are ominous.”

American Thinker’s recent post titled The Knock on the Door, bodes of an ominous future for our nation;  a future where we pledge to serve our president rather than our nation.  Will we all be repeating after Ashton, Demi, and other stars with “I pledge to be a servant to our president” rather than our traditional pledge to serve our nation.

I serve God.  I serve our nation.  I do not serve President Obama.  He is not the messiah.  He is not the king.  He is an elected public servant and hopefully a one term servant.  I fear that we won’t recognize our nation after 4 years and hold little hope if out nation is subjected to 8 years of socialist change.

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”

Thanks to John for pointing out this article.

March 14, 2009

20/20 Bailouts and Bull

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2020 This is part 1 of 6 Youtubes of John Stossel on 20/20.  I believe John is a Libertarian, perhaps I’m wrong on that, but in this show he presents an opposition to the socialist programs of the Obama Administration which was rather refreshing to see on prime time TV.

I also loved Drew Carey’s Reason segments from Reason Magazine and Reason.tv.

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