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Live Writer and WordPress

I’ve been using the WordPress platform for over a year now and am totally impressed with it’s reliability and versatility, especially considering it is free. I also love that it is open source, so there are always more industrious people than I, building more functionality into it. For a guy still on dial-up, WordPress has

What should you be doing right now?

Obviously you’re reading this site, but is there something else you should be doing right now? Cleaning, paying bills, going to church, helping your kids with homework, or heaven forbid…should you be working right now? Are you on your employers dime? I would bet that relatively few careers require reading blogs. So where does that

Website maintenance

I’ve done a bit of maintenance and rearranging over the past few days.  Not an easy feat on 26.4 dial up, but it needed to be done.  It needed to be done for several reasons: I have ADD when it comes to the look of the website, I’m adding pages for Dino Rossi and probably


There are very few internet performance upgrades for those of us who live out in the county and are too frugal to pay for satellite internet. We always seem to find a need for that $100+ per month. So I operate on all the dialup performance one would expect for service routed through Custer. This