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July 28, 2007

Recovering Blogger

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I now am a recovering blogger. I have recovered 502 posts from my last backup. That backup was however 6/13/07 so it’s like the last 5 weeks never happened. It has a cathartic feel to it. But not as cathartic as when I thought I had lost everything.

I have managed to fill in a few posts from the last few days, but I still have about a 4 week hole between mid-June and now.

Update – As of this evening I think I have found and replaced most of the lost posts, but if you arrived here from a search then you might have to use the “Search Posts” box on the right to find what you came for until the search engines catch up.

June 13, 2007

Safari for Windows

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I am a huge fan of the FireFox web browser and not a huge fan of Internet Explorer. FireFox is smaller, simpler to understand and faster than IE. I am on dialup so performance is a huge factor. A slow browser can make my 24kbps connection seem like it is only 19.2kbps.

So along comes Apple Safari with claims of being 2x faster than IE and 1.6x faster than FireFox. So what? I don’t own a Mac. But then the word Windows catches my eye. This version with wild performance claims will work with my Windows machine! The download is at http://www.apple.com/safari/

So now I’ve been using it for 2 days and here is a quick list of what I have found so far:

  • It does seem faster. Some of it may be an illusion as it loads in more of a wait for it, wait for it, pow it’s there, manner rather than slowly filling a page.
  • There are less buttons and more screen real estate. But there isn’t a stop button for when I want to quit loading graphics and read the page. There is a hotkey combination though.
  • The text had an initial fuzzy look to it that I think I have adjusted to, but a quick trip back to the crisp FireFox browser makes me believe Apple will fix this quickly.
  • RSS feeds setup quickly with no extra reader.
  • And lastly if you are a WordPress bloggers; I’ve lost my WYSIWYG in the Write section. I am entering everything in the code window. And a few other admin plugins don’t seem to be working.
  • It generally feels like FireFox.

Safari 3 is a public beta, so I’ll keep trying it a bit longer and see if some of the bugs get worked out of it without losing the speed.

Added today at lunchtime:

I have read some on the WordPress issue and I guess that the latest version 2.2 is supposed to be more compatible with Safari, but I’m not ready to spend the time to upgrade from 2.1. There always seems to be a snag somewhere.

June 9, 2007

tech difficulties

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I apparently have a difficulty with accessing any post but the most current. I’ve got the website into sort of a safe mode, but everything should hopefully be accessible.

6/10/07 5:30ish Well I guess they aren’t accessible either. I’m working on it.

6/10/07 6:13 Things are working again. but now will be a bit before the site is totally back to normal. The problem was in how permalinks addressed. I had to go back to using the default numbers, rather than the name descriptive links. This post’s address is now the unfriendly http://wallywonderswhy.com/?p=606 vs. the much more readable http://wallywonderswhy.com/tech_difficulties.   This post is the 606th.  Why the problem now?  Must be a liberal plot :)

May 29, 2007

Bye bye incoming RSS Feeds

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attensa.jpgI’ve decided to drop the half dozen or so incoming RSS feeds that I have in the sidebars of Wally Wonders Why. I put them up as shortcuts for visitors to go look at the sites I frequent. Their use has dropped off lately which I would guess is due to new software already  incorporating RSS readers. The big lists also take up space and slowdown page loading. So bye bye.

If you don’t have a reader you might try a free one from Attensa. They have one that integrates right into Outlook and Firefox as well as other browsers. I’ve used it for awhile now and haven’t had problems and it’s simple enough that I didn’t even need to read the directions. Now that’s simple. No animals were harmed in the writing of this post and I don’t get any kickbacks from Attensa.

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