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Post Haste – Childish news

Childish news of the day Gaggle of Northwest Idiots mock John Servais, long time political blogger at NW Citizen.

Post Haste – Joe Elenbaas

You’ve read one version of Joe Elenbaas as reported in the Herald, now why not hear the real thing from the real candidate. Check out KGMI’s 10/5 Hear it Now – Bonner & Brooks

Post Haste – Say it isn’t so

Gregoire hears concerns on wide range of issues at local forum is the story in the Herald. In his Oct 8 installment, NW Citizen claims that our Gov. Gregoire was guilty of pre-screening her audience and questions. A tactic that he claims is not foreign to either of the 2 big parties and also a […]

Socialist nominated for Nobel Prize in Peace

One of the world’s most famous socialists was once nominated for the famed Nobel Prize in Peace. Are there any budding socialists here in Whatcom County that may someday be recognized just like champion of the people Adolf Hitler was in 1939? Source: LGF 

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