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August 30, 2012

2010 Election: History making or not?

Nope, not a misprint, rather a reprint.  I was listening to the Morning Show on KGMI with Patti Brooks this morning and heard one of the Whatcom Democrats officers call in and aside from a little partisan bashing I was hearing him bring up the same tired old points about how we aren’t taxing enough or taxing the right people and how the Iraq war spending is to blame, yada yada yada.  It made me think of this post I wrote almost two years ago about the then upcoming 2010 election.  Upon rereading it, I have found that nothing has changed in the last two years and my advice for the 2010 election will suffice for the 2012 election.

2010 Election: History making or not?

We are fast approaching our next election and like so many other elections before, I am hearing how this one is special, critically important and history making. Ok, I can buy into this election being special and even critically important, but as for history making??   I think history making will be determined by which direction we vote, but we need history making.

Our nation is so deep in financial trouble that we may not be able to recover.  As Americans we are living and breathing this fact day in and day out.   Some say that we are in our financial mess because big corporations and the “rich” aren’t paying their share.  Some say that Reagan and Bush tax cuts created revenue shortfalls.  And then there are those myriad of other excuses about how our tax system is regressive, archaic and or ineffective.  Well guess what?  Lack of revenue, tax or otherwise, did not create our mess.

We spent our way into this mess.  Since roughly 1960 everyone we elected to office seems to have made it their personal goal to out spend everyone before them and not just out spend them a little, but out spend them in a big way.  Check the chart.  Revenues are not the problem and they haven’t been.  Spending is the problem.  And contrary to what we hear from some, defense spending is not what is breaking our nation.  In fact, even the ramped up war spending since 9/11 pales in comparison to the increases in spending as a whole.  I’m at the point now where I just laugh when I read debate points about how best to tax our nation.  Get this, it don’t make no difference to me if a tax is progressive, regressive, digressive, whether the rich, the poor, the income or the sales are taxed.  We don’t have a tax problem!  We have a spend twice as much as we bring in problem!

What will make this election historical is if the people we elect quit spending so damn much and start changing the direction that we have been going for the whole of my lifetime.

Here’s part of my voting process:

  • cut or eliminate a program – Vote YES
  • new or restructured program – Vote NO
  • Candidate with a history of spending – Vote NO
  • If the candidate won’t commit to cut spending – Vote NO

I hope everyone will do their part in making this an historical election.

Data for chart is from http://www.usgovernmentrevenue.com/ and http://www.usgovernmentspending.com/

August 22, 2012

Dingling Brothers

Yes, we have circus clowns right here in Whatcom County, but instead of the Ringling Bros. we have these dingling bothers as a lame substitute.  The dinglings are progressive talk show host Joe Teehan and his caller Riley, who I presume is Riley Sweeney 2nd Vice chair of the Whatcom Democrats.  Are there any progressive Democrats out there that are proud of this performance?   Are the Whatcom Democrats proud of this?


Sound Clip from The Joe Show for 8/16/12

January 24, 2010

So far, so good

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Even though it’s been only a few weeks with the new mix on the Whatcom County Council, I’m already feeling a bit of lightening in the burden of big government that we all carry.  Not that any major taxes or rules have been repealed as of yet, but at least now I feel it is a real possibility and that is good enough to put a little giddy up in my step.  And that’s enough of a giddy up to get a chuckle out of the Laurel and Hardy partisan attacks coming from the Whatcom Democrats.

First there is the idiotic, and probably still ongoing, attempt to force County Executive Kremen to appoint someone who is not Ward Nelson to fill a recently vacated seat.

“consider how polarizing it would be if in the aftermath of a controversial vote by the County Council, someone challenged the validity of that vote.  This would strike at the very core of the Council’s legitimacy to govern.”

letter from Herald Politics Blog

For all practicality, that statement by the Whatcom Democrats could stand as a definition of a thinly veiled threat.  You know, if you don’t do what I want then “someone” might get hurt.  Why not just go real mafia on Pete Kremen and send a couple of guys in suits to visit his kids on the playground?

Second idiotic came last week when Sam Crawford had the unmitigated gall to suggest cutting property taxes by roughly $9 per year for the average home.  You might want to reread that sentence.  That was cutting, not adding to our tax burden.   His suggestion was outlined in a Herald article Crawford: Repeal property tax increase for water project funding.  In a nut shell,

280 water-related projects estimated to cost between $150 million and $200 million

Not all of those projects will get done, and county staff told the council they’d like them to work to cull perhaps the bottom third of the hundreds of projects…because they’re too specific to one piece of private property or they’re not affordable.

if the council repealed the tax increase, which generated about $940,000 for the flood fund to pay for water-related projects, the county still has a “tremendous amount of money.”

So what I’m reading is that the Council will be looking dropping a recently approved tax increase of <$1 million that was to help fund up to $200 million in projects, of which 1/3 of them won’t be done.   If the council doesn’t repeal this, it would be like the cable company raising your rates because they say they will add channels, but then dropping 1/3 of the channels instead, and still leaving you to pay the higher rates.   That all may make sense to many of us, but to many others ‘round these parts cuttin’ taxes…why them is fightin’ words.  And so the recently revitalized Whatcom Democrat attack machine has been called into action.  Here’s their view.

Sam Crawford’s proposal to eliminate funding for over 280 water related projects.

Crawford is reckless and shortsighted

Crawford feels a need to gamble with our safety

gutting of essential efforts to protect our natural resources, people and property from disasters.

Anyone who knows Sam Crawford has got to find humor in those comments, but hold your laughter until the end because here’s more of their view/attack that carries over into the Herald Blog with a comment by their Communications Committee Chair who,

… strongly urge[s] everyone to contact Sam Crawford and let him know what you think of him putting our county in danger.

And besides the hyperbolic humor in those outlandish claims, they offer a little Ronco slice and dice humor in their claims of what $9 will buy

… protect clean drinking water

…protect school kids

but wait there’s more.  Your $9 a year will

…prevent natural disasters.

Wow for only $9 I can protect school kids and prevent natural disasters?  If only I could pay that in two easy payments :)   If nothing else, the new talent at the Whatcom Democrats is funny.   Feel free to laugh now, I am.

In closing, I’ll just I say so far, so good with our new mix on the Whatcom County Council.

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