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August 31, 2008

You deserve a pat on the back

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pat If you are part of the ever more vocal right in Whatcom County, then I think you deserve a pat on the back this morning.  Not only have Republicans, new and old, made a strong showing in local elections, but we also seem to have turned a corner in voicing our opinions.

Yesterday, Scott Ayers wrote Fair recruiting letter creates a letters to the editor flood which describes how he was amazed at the “stir one letter to the editor can create.”  He describes that one letter.

On Monday Aug. 18 we published a letter from Everett Bone of Bellingham expressing displeasure with the U.S. Army’s recruiting booth at the Northwest Washington Fair. Bone said he thought of the fair as a place for families and “not war” and encouraged people to contact fair officials demanding they not allow a recruiting booth in the future.

He goes on to write

Since that letter published, I have received more than a dozen responses, almost all disagreeing with Bone’s letter and expressing their unhappiness with what they perceived as a lack of support for the U.S. military and the troops.

Bravo, I applaud everyone who wrote one of those “more than a dozen responses” not only because you were individually standing up for those who defend our nation, but also because you, perhaps even unbeknownst to yourself, just fought in battle against “turf” as I believe Mr. Ayers once called letters such as Mr. Bones.  Turf, or Astro-Turf letters are meant to feign real grassroots efforts while in reality are part of a well constructed effort, as seems the case with Mr. Bones letter.   His letter of August 18 closely followed an August 14 “Recruiter Alert” call by the Whatcom Peach and Justice Center for letters to the editor.

Portion of “Recruiter Alert” issued by WPJC August 14 Portions of Herald Letter to the Editor by Everett Bone, August 18
Their presence is appropriate at this festive family event. The Mission of the Lynden Fair is to “promote an appreciation for our agricultural heritage, provide education about the role agriculture plays in life”… and to be “a social gathering place where family values will be honored and individuals of all ages will be entertained.” The fair supposed to be an event for families, not war. If any time was more inappropriate for the Army to be “pre-recruiting” young people it is now. This is a shame to Whatcom County. The fair needs to stick to appreciating our agricultural heritage and provide education to our youth about the role agriculture plays in the future of our community and in the world, not war.
The Army set-up has a large group of young people wearing Army Strong shirts and dog tags. However, all but one are civilians, never having served, and work for a marketing company. To have people, with “Army strong” t-shirts out there trying to sell war to our children who are not even in the military is hypocrisy.
Write to or call the The Northwest Washington Fair Association President Curly Hoksbergen, and the eleven other board members (all males), and ask them to keep the recruiters out of future fairs because their presence is inconsistent with the Fair’s Mission. Please call or write the Northwest Washington Fair Association President Curly Hoksbergen, and the 11 other board members, and ask them to keep the recruiters out of future fairs because their presence is inconsistent with the Fair’s mission.

Hmm… reads like astro-turf and doesn’t smell like real grass…  You be the judge.

When I started this blog a couple of years ago, liberal, socialist and what I call anti-US opinions dominated the Herald’s letters to the editor.  But today, letters from the same community that brought us the Troops Home Resolution, No War Against Iran, and run anti-recruitment effort in our public schools, are immediately, effectively and overwhelmingly shut down.

Those we disagree with most definitely have a right to write and voice there views.  However, we also have this right to write.  So everyone pat yourself on the back and then pick up the pen or pull yourself up to the keyboard.  After 1 or 2 more great defensive plays, the ball will change hands and we will be running on the offense.

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